Saturday, February 28, 2015

Turn Around

"That's his cum you're tasting Sissy! I know you love it! Now turn your face around and get busy because there's lots more where that came from and it's all for you!!!!"

No No Sissy

No kissing, no licking, no sucking until I say so! I've been wearing these heels all day and I want you to get the scent as you massage me! Do a good job and maybe....just maybe if you're really good...I'll let you have a taste!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Entertainment - Sissy Training

When she invites her friends over you should understand that it's up to her whether or not to let them use you! Maybe one of these days her friends will come with their boyfriends...maybe some day really soon!!!!

It's Only Been 5 Minutes

It's only been 5 minutes Kaaren! I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you've got a cock in your mouth!
Well alright finish up and then we'll go...make sure you swallow it all I don't want you messing up your pretty dress!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Best Deal

When you go to the big amusement resrts the best deal is always an All-Access Pass.
When she joins me in bed and throws her legs up I know she's giving my tongue and fingers an All-Access Pass too! And what a fantastic ride it is!!!!


I'm experimenting with Tumblr...,I think this is going to work once I get the hang of it...Please check this link and let me know what you think!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Auntie had decided to redecorate his room in all pink and frills. She brushed away his protests and after a spanking he had agreed that she knew best!
While the workmen were doing his room he obviously couldn't sleep there so Auntie decided he should sleep with his cousins. To assure that there was no inappropriate behavior on his part she made sure to bind his hands securely before she went to bed. Young Billy was not happy however his cousins were delighted!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Office Temp

Working as an Office Temp I try to comply and do as I'm told. Sometimes my unfamiliarity with the equipment leads to trouble! I tried to change out an ink cartridge and ended up with an ink stain on my pretty dress!
The office manager told me that I should get that cleaned as soon as possible and that the company would pay for it! I thought that was a lovely generous offer but I was surprised when he got so upset that I had taken him up on it and sent my dress out to the cleaner he had recommended! After all he didn't expect me to walk around like that all day did he!

First Indication - Sissy Training

Sure he was small, but not all tiny-dicked men are sissies! So how to tell?
He lingers over your lingerie? Well a lot of men love lingerie...doesn't make him a sissy!
He loves to eat your pussy? Well a lot of men love to eat pussy...doesn't make him a sissy!
He cums really quickly? Well a lot of men do that too....doesn't make him a sissy!
He licks his own cum from your lips after you give him a 15 second blowjob? Well he may not be a sissy yet but once you begin training him he'll be on his knees in pretty panties in no time!!!

Sissy School - Time To Get Up

"Kaaren, Kaaren time to get up!"
"Come on Kaaren you'll be late for class!"
"Alright Leeanne, I'm awake...what's for breakfast?"
"I was thinking you might enjoy this......"
"I like the way you think sweetie! I can't think of anything else I'd rather have!!!"
"What about class?"
"I get a spanking for missing it, so it's a win all around! Now squat down a little and let me try to pull your pretty panties down with my teeth..."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Me At My Office

"Alright Sissy meet me at my office, I don't want you interfering with my staff while they work, do you understand?
"Yes Ma'am"
I guess technically the delivery man isn't part of her staff....

Good Boy

"That will do sweetie, it's Mama's turn now! You can go yo your room now!"
"Are you sure Mama, I didn't taste any drips yet!"
"Yes sweetheart, you be a good boy now and go to your room!"
"Yes Mama!"
The man looked at her...."Good boy...what do you mean good boy....why are you calling your daughter a good boy???"
"Because that's my sweet, darling son...why do you think?"
"Damn I thought it was your daughter?
"My Daughter!!! You think I'd make my daughter suck cocks for me!!!! What kind of mother do you think I am?!?!?!?!?" I think it's time for you to leave!"
"But what about,,,"
"You can take care of that son will help me with mine!!!"

Stupid Blogger

Soon the Blogger Thought Police will be shutting down mine and all the other sexual content blogs!!! So much for that whole "free exchange of ideas" thing! 
I'll be moving and combining both of my blogs elsewhere...please stay with me my sweet readers, this has been a great joy to me and I'm not ready to let the jackbooted bastards stop me! I'll post details as soon as I set up a new home! 
Damn those blogger just makes me want to cry!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Forgotten

I won't say that we forgot him but she looked so beautiful with his cock in her mouth I couldn't help but kiss her! She tasted a little of him and that only made it better!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just like a Mama Bird feeding her young The caring mother feeds her young offspring with rich, creamy, delicious ManCandy!!!
ManCandy! After all Mother knows best!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Whenever she tells me to put on my cheerleader uniform I'm sure I'm in for a good time! I don't know why this fantasy is one of her favorites but she indulges so many of mine I love to pay her back with no questions asked!
When she said today there would be cheerleader tryouts I figured I'd be doing some gymnastics and dancing! Much to my surprise her version of tryouts was very different!!!
"Go ahead Donna, suck those big black cocks! Suck them like the filthy whore you are!"
I don't know who Donna is and I'm not going to's her fantasy and she'll tell me if she wants me to know!
In the meantime I've got a big job in front of me and we're all eager for me to get started!

Breathe Me In

We were invited to a cocktail party at one of her clients estates! He is one of their biggest accounts and he's pretty damned hot...even I think so!
He and my wife spent the evening chatting and laughing and whispering and she beckoned me over to join them!
"Sissy I'll be staying here tonight!"
"Yes Ma'am, I understand! Do you want me to stay too?"
"No Sissy," she laughed "this is a private party!"
"I see..."
"Oh poor Sissy, you look so sad..." she squirmed a bit and reached under the table and gave me her soaking wet panties!
"You can sleep with my panties tonight Sissy! Just breathe me in all night and when I get home I should have a reward for you!"
"Thank you Ma'am, Have a good night Ma'am!"
After a quick sniff I pocketed the lacy treasure she had given me....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Rebuilding

"What are you talking about? Let me see those plans again!"
"It's there's small but it's definitely there!"
"Oh my goddess you're right! How could I have missed it?!?!?!"
"Well it is very small sir!!"
"I know...but just think about it! Empress Kaaren the First, the one who single handedly brought peace, star travel and female supremacy was a..."
"I believe the word was Sissy sir!"
"Well "female by birth or female by choice" as they say"
"Yes sir!"
"Make sure the carvers working on that "area" have the latest plans!"
"Yes sir!"


When Rebecca's boyfriend caught her little brother Kevin dressed in her school uniform they were both shocked! Given a few minutes to go over the situation they came to a reasonable accommodation that left them both very, very satisfied!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

She Makes You

"Sissy I'll be ready in a few minutes, make sure he's nice and hard for me!" she called out as she ran up the stairs! She always got so excited when she had a new lover!!!!
As I stepped toward him he stroked himself.
" wear panties all the time?"
"Yes I do!"
"And you do what she tells you to do?"
"Yes I do!"
"And she makes you suck cocks for her!"
"No she doesn't!"
"But ...I thought...."
"She doesn't make me suck cocks for her....she allows me to suck cocks for her!!! Now if you don't mind...."
Maybe he asked more questions...I don't know...I was busy concentrating on the job at hand!!!!

Sissy School - Who First

"Well I'm not sure which of you to test first for the Top Sissy spot in Oral Sex. What do you sissies think? Sissy Kaaren or Sissy Leeanne?"
"We agreed sir that there's enough there for us to share the Top Sissy spot!" said Sissy Kaaren.
"Let us show you what a pair of cock sucking sissies can do sir!" said Sissy Leeanne,
"Go ahead then sissies show me what you've got...."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't Pout Sissy

Don't pout Sissy, at least it's hard for more than a few seconds this way....and the lock hits the right spot sometimes!!!!

Do You Think

You see that, that's what I want! Do you think you can do that? There's a big steak bone for you if you get it right!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All Out

Sissy loved the deserts they served at the small bistro, she particularly liked the strawberries and cream....

...unfortunately they were all out of strawberries but they had plenty of cream and that's the part sissy liked best anyway!!!


There's a good reason why all the snowmen at my house are smiling!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Come Along Sissy!

Come along Sissy, my lover is hosting a dinner party and he's invited you too! Although you'll be serving his guests at least he was thoughtful enough to invite you!

Todd Was So Happy

Todd was so happy! He was smiling all the time! The prettiest girl in school was his girlfriend and he was the envy of every boy in school!
So what if she wanted him to wear her panties! They felt really nice and he was aroused all day! It was worth it...and better yet....she promised she might kiss him soon!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Which Will It Be Kaaren?

"Which will it be Kaaren, the key or my cock? You know what I want but I want to know what you want my sweet Sissy...which do you desire or yours?"
My inner voices screamed at me to take the key! It has been longer than you even thought was possible!!! Take the fucking key! Take the fucking key and cum now!!! God knows when she'll give you the chance again! Don't be an asshole! Take the fucking key!!!!
"Please I'd love to take your cock!"
"I just knew you would sweet Sissy, you're still my special girl!"

Monday ManCandy

He waited patiently as his wife got her hot mouthful of ManCandy and swallowed it down! He tried to hide his disappointment that she had taken it all and not saved some for him, after all it had been a long weekend for him too!
Oh well when she stepped aside he'd have to slide over and see about getting a load of his own, luckily ManCandy is a renewable resource!!!
ManCandy! When there's not enough to share there's always more there!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why So Surprised

"Why do you look so surprised Sissy? I told you I was keeping my virginity "back there" until we were married and I did!"
"Oh my Sissy....did you think I was saving it for you! You can be so silly sometimes! Now get back in the front seat and when he cums you can come back and make sure nothing drips onto my gown!"
"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am!"

Warm By The Fire

The fires warmth makes up for the lack of clothing! My wife slowly leans over and her mouth closes over the throbbing cock! Oh the pleasure of her touch!!! Oh the ecstasy!!!! Her tongue! Her lips!!! Her wet, hot sucking mouth driving me absolutely wild with desire!!!
If that's how I feel from across the room I can only imagine how much better it is for him!!!!
Maybe some day it'll be me!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Total Submission

Once you take the bit your submission is complete! No need to think, no need to plan, no need for anything but following her lead!!! Surrendering to her control gives me pleasure! I never imagined that life could be like this! Subservient, silent, used for her pleasure and amusement! I never thought I would be this happy!!!!

Happy Valentines Day

Would you believe it!!! I guess we've been together long enough that we've started thinking alike!I mean honestly who would have thought that we'd get each other the exact same present for Valentines Day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015


How many times has this happened to all you fluffers out there? He's ready. really ready, but she's not! What to do? An experienced fluffer knows that nature has provided the perfect solution! It's unlikely to make him cum but he'll stay excited! And it's kind of fun too!


"Which do you want more Sissy my boobs or my bra? I think I know! Why don't you slip it on and I'll help you hook it closed! Then if you ask me nicely I might let you suck my nipples!!!!"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dreaming of Summer

It's so cold out, frost and ice everywhere I look, I can't help daydreaming of summer....

The Pool Boy is hot! There's no doubt about that! She thinks so too! I can tell from the way she's caressing him that he's got her interested! While he cuddles with my wife I do his work cleaning the pool! Listening to her moans and groans I can tell she's going to make his visit today something really special! While my wife takes advantage of this young stud I'm forced to wonder....are we paying him enough?"

I know in the summer I'll be dreaming of winter but I could really use a little summer right now!!!

Sissy School - Welcome

"We're so pleased you decided to join our faculty Professor Petry, I'm sure you'll fit in well!"
"Thank you so much Headmaster! I'm looking forward to meeting the students!"
"In fact some of our students have prepared a special welcome for you! Okay Sissies!!!"
One by one the sissies entered and each letter revealed drew tepid applause from the sissies in the auditorium! "We Heart Petry" was the message but after a few moments the three sissies on the end nodded at each other and turned around, suddenly with the new message the audience rose to their feet and applauded!
While Professor Petry looked on bemused the Headmaster, red faced, yelled for quiet!
"Sissy Kaaren, Sissy Leeanne and Sissy Jo!!!! Go to my office immediately!!!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


"Now....I want you now..."
"Just a moment more in your sissy husbands mouth! You've trained the sissy bitch too well!"
"Now I said!"
"Alright baby but it's your own fault! No one sucks cock like her!"
Each moment of delay, each word he said was just adding to the punishment I'd get later but he had such a nice cock I figured it was worth it!!!

You See Sweetie!!!

"Don't pout Sissy, you see sweetie this explains why one of you gets into panties and the other gets into MY panties Now why don't you get down here and get him nice and hard for me!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Come Over

"I told him to come over for a blowjob honey! I never said it would be me sucking that nice cock of his! You do a good job and make me proud!!!"

There's an Advantage

There's an advantage to being a stay-at -home Sissy! She wears the "Power Suits" now and me...well...I get to indulge myself a little! After all, she likes me to be pretty for her when she gets home!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

It Just Does

Maybe women who grow up wearing dresses and skirts might feel that they're nothing more than an article of clothing but I'm a sissy who started wearing skirts and dresses when I was a teenager and I still just love it!!! The feel of the fabric against my thighs, the freedom of it! It just makes me want to twirl around and feel my skirt swirl around me, it's a wonderful feeling! I'm sure a few of you understand....

Monday ManCandy

ManCandy! It will make you feel like the Princess you are!!!
So Princess load up on one or two or maybe even three shots of ManCandy! You know you deserve it!!!
ManCandy! The official breakfast of Sissy Princesses everywhere!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

He Thought He Would Die

He thought he would die from embarrassment!!! He never believed his sister would go through with her threat but when she caught him in her panty drawer again she had really done it!
Now he sat as his sister and his girlfriend tugged at his garters and pulled up his stockings! The bra was tight around his chest! But the worst of it was their almost constant laughter! He had never been more humiliated in his life! But strangely his little cock was rock hard!
His sister tried to ignore it but his girlfriend took notice and when she looked at him she had a funny look in her eyes he had a feeling she was enjoying this and he suddenly wished his sister wasn't here!!!
When his sister left the room to get the dress she was going to make him wear, his girlfriend grabbed his balls and looked him in the eye!
"Later, you're going to be my bitch!"

When He's Ready

"Alright Sissy, when he's ready send him to me! I'll be waiting in the bedroom! Don't you dare make him cum!!!"
I would have answered but Mom always taught me not to speak with my mouth full!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Some Changes - SciFi Saturday

Some changes were made after the great Sissy War of 2036! The plaque now read:

Give me your poor, your little sissies
Yearning to be feminized
Give me you masses willing to serve
Willing to bow to the superior woman
Willing to give up all their worldly goods
Just for the privilege of kissing her foot.

Day after day, from around the world, the boats kept coming! It was the largest human migration in history...ooops I mean in herstory!!!


"This will certainly solve his masturbation addiction! After all any time he cums without you is like cheating!"
"Well I'm not sure..."
"Control his orgasms and he will be obedient and thoughtful! He will always put your needs first if he wants to earn his release!"
"But what about that other problem...his..."
"His sneaking into your panty drawer? You'd be surprised how common that is! I recommend you feminize him after you put him in chastity! Have him in lingerie full time! It'll help remind him of you"
"I think that makes a lot of sense! So let's lock that thing up! show me how and maybe after you can help me get him dressed!"
"I'd love let's begin....take this ring and slide it over......"

So Hot

"Oh my god Sissy, he was so hot! He was everything a man should be! I was wet right from the start....even before we....well you know what I mean! I'm even more wet now Sissy...some is mine but most is his! Why don't you come over here and take my panties down and you can lick it all up! I saved it for you!!!"

Friday, February 6, 2015


As I watched him push that big cock into my wife the thought popped into my head...
I wish that was me!
Even I'm not sure if I was thinking about trading places with him and having that big hard cock and giving her orgasm after orgasm...
Or maybe I was thinking of trading places with her and having my lover push his cock deep inside me and fucking me senseless!!!
Maybe that's why I'm a sissy! I would love it either way!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl, my friends and I would always have that special lingerie that we only wore when our parents were away and our boyfriends would stay over!
Most of the time those horny boys barely noticed the pretty lace and frills in their eagerness to get at what was underneath!
I never dreamed that one day I'd have a sissy husband who not only loved to see me in beautiful lingerie but who wore lingerie just as pretty!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!