Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What in the world are you doing?"
"Following your instructions Ma'am!"
"What do you mean following my instructions? I told you to wait for me!"
"Yes Ma'am, this is how we're taught to wait at school!"
"Does my boyfriend know this?"
"Oh yes Ma'am.....he has me wait all the time....although I usually don't wait for long!!!"
"Pack your bags slut....I'm calling for the pink bus to come get you right away!"
"Shall I wait here for it to come?"
"No Sissy, I think you've done quite enough waiting around here already!!!!"

The Bet

"Oh look Baby your little cockette got hard in my panties....I guess you must like wearing them.....I hope so cause you'll be wearing them a lot from now on!"
"The bet was you wouldn't get hard....wasn't it?"
"And now you've obviously lost the bet..."
"So go know what I want to see....I want to watch you jerk off in my panties...."
"And then you're going to lick up every drop of your cum like a good little sissy panty boy...."
His dreams had come true and she thought it was her really didn't get any better than this!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I Remember

I remember when I used to dress like him....but I like how I dress now so much least for me....I feel so much more natural wearing my pretty undies with a sweet mouthful of cock!!!!


It took Tommy thirty years to work up the courage to wear the dress....
It tool a real man thirty minutes to get him out of it!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

What's Her Secret

All the men wanted to date her but she turned them all only made her more attractive to him!!! What was the secret? What could he do to get her to go out with him after she had turned down all the studs in the office?
Finally summoning up what little courage he had, he asked her out and she had smiled and accepted!!!!
He was on Cloud 9 all day in anticipation!!!!
He took her to the best restaurant he could afford and she seemed uninterested in the menu....instead her mind seemed to be elsewhere.....he felt defeated.....obviously he wasn't impressing her.....obviously this date was a disaster....until she leaned across the table and whispered....
"Let's go back to my place.....I so want to fuck you!!!!"
He couldn't pay fast hell with the valet, he ran and got the car himself...he drove like a madman to her address!!!!
And the two of them fucked all night.....he was perfect for her and it turned out that her cock was perfect for him!!!!

Go On Sissy

"Go on Sissy....feel it...feel what a real man's cock feels like....feel how big.....feel how hard he is.....don't think about who he is.....just feel his cock throb in your know what to do next Sissy...."

Thursday, July 12, 2018


"You are just so goddamned cute, sometimes Sissy I just want to eat you up!""***
She says this all the time but she never gets the key....

*** an actual quote from my Honey!!!!