Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Not For Her

Yes she saw it but she didn't pay it any mind.....that was there for her husband to use.....she preferred the real thing!!!!

What Can Make You Feel Like A Sissy

What can make you feel like a sissy.....lots of things but very few things hammer it home like this.....feeling him dangling between your smooth thighs before he bends you over and makes you his sissy girl!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2019


"Who does she think she is?"
"You mean the new girl?"
"Yeah....I'm not impressed...."
"Don't you recognize her....that's Sissy Kaaren!!!! She's famous!!!!"
"Ha.....I bet I'd have her on her knees before me in five minutes!!!!"
"Well it's obvious you're not familiar with Sissy Kaaren.....I doubt it would take more than a minute before she would bury her head between your legs.....and she'd stay there until you couldn't take anymore!!!!"
"Yes really.....why do you think she's famous?"

Monday ManCandy

As hard as it is to believe there are some people out there who don't care for that creamy goodness that we all love so much!!!
For those poor souls we could just say how sorry we are for them and walk away and let them go through life without it.....
But that would be cruel!!!!
So we just have to work harder to find a way to make them love it as much as we do....and a change in presentation could be just the thing!!!!
ManCandy!!!! No matter which way it's served it's still the best!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

2000 Miles

2000 miles from home the thought popped into her mind....
She had caught her brother wearing her silky undies and she had told him to keep them....she just couldn't imagine wearing them after he had played his pervy games in them.....
Now....here she was...2000 miles from home when she began to wonder.....had her brother worn her bikini too???
If she called him he would surely deny it....
And what about all the rest of her clothes.....how could she ever know for sure....

Sunday Brunch

"So tell me Sissy....does it excite you or humiliate you to serve all of us dressed as a little slut?"
"Both Ma'am...."
"Really....you don't seem excited to me.....I'd think that you'd be poking out the front of your dress if you really enjoyed this...."
"Yes Ma'am.....but my wife milked me completely dry this morning.....I have absolutely nothing left...."
"Oh.....I would have liked to watch that.....I'll have a chat with your wife.....maybe next time Sissy.....would me watching that excite or humiliate you?"
"Both Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Bra Shopping

"Hi....my name's Jane and I live just a few doors down from you and I was wondering if you could help me?"
"Certainly Jane....what can I do for you?"
"Well you see.....I got in trouble at school....they said I need to wear a bra and I've never worn one before so I need some advice....."
"Well Jane, I think this is something you should talk to your Mom about...."
"Mom took off years ago....it's just my Dad and me and he really doesn't want to talk about it!!!! So I asked your wife and she was so nice but she said she was far too busy to help me....so she suggested that I talk to you...."
"To me?"
"Yes she said you love to wear bras and you'd be glad to help me...."
"Well I do know a couple of boutiques that  you could try...."
"Couldn't you come with me....I don't want to go by myself...."
"I'm not sure that would be proper.....I mean I barely know you...."
"But your wife said your cock was locked in chastity so you would be perfectly safe!!!!"
"My wife....what...."
"Let's go Sissy.....I need to get some bras and I want your opinion on them...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Oh I like that.....say it again...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I was going to have a long talk with my wife about this later.....but first Jane and I were going bra shopping!!!!

Say It!!!!!

It's like the old days.....remember Rocky Horror....the Midnight shows....

Oh yeah....every time!!!!!

Friday, December 27, 2019

What Does It mean

What does it mean when you can feel your dress brush against both sides of every doorway???
It means you're doing it exactly right Sissy!!!!

College Days

Even back then I knew what it meant if she didn't take her panties all the way off....she had no intention of spreading her legs for me....I would be spending the evening with my tongue in her ass.....and that was just fine with me.....I had already cum in my pants when she showed me her cute tits....all the girls knew what they could expect from me.....

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Very Much

"Oh thank you Sweetheart....I'm going to have a lot of fun with this new toy....it's the best Christmas gift I've gotten in years!!!!"
"I knew you'd like it......and I have to be honest.....I wanted it too!!!!"
"Isn't it nice to get a present that we can both enjoy!!!"

No Need

"Oh Sweetie....how you've grown since I last saw you....I hope all the pretty things I've brought for you to wear will fit you!!!"
"I hope so too....but what if they don't?"
"Don't you worry your little head about it....if they don't fit we'll just go shopping for something new for you....after all you're my prettiest nephew!!!!"
"I love when you visit Auntie!!!!"
"Me too....now....quick....strip down and let's start trying some of these frillies on...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Hump Day

Yes, it's Christmas Day but it's still Hump Day too....and is there any better way to celebrate the day than by taking it deep inside you???

Christmas Morning

"The package had no tag on it Sissy.....I don't know if this is for you or me.....what do you think?"
"I guess that Santa left it for both of us then...."
"I like the way you think Sweetie.....be a good girl and run and get us some lube and we'll try it out!!!!"
And I could almost swear.....as I ran to the bedroom to fetch the lube....that I could hear someone.....someone outside saying Ho Ho Ho.....but when I looked out the window there was no one there.....I was puzzled and stared until I heard her shouting for me to hurry.....and remembering our new gift I dashed down the stairs and before you know it I was absolutely filled with the Christmas Spirit!!!!!

Merry Christmas

Look here comes good old Saint Nick......let's all get together and rejoice.....because, like me, he only comes once a year!!!!
Merry Christmas my Dear Readers.....may this day fill you with joy and love.....and may all your dreams come true!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

I don't know what he left her last year....but she was waiting to have a talk with Santa about it this year!!!!!

Naughty List

It's been a hard year....usually I can pick the naughtiest of all, very easily but you've made the choice very difficult for me this year.....so I've brought you all here to compete to show me which of you is the naughtiest of all....so Kaaren and Dee and Sally  and Pet and Ann  and Leeanne when I say go I want to see which of you can convince me to make you the naughtiest of the year!!!!!"

Monday, December 23, 2019

My Fantasies

She likes me to wear short skirts or dresses....I'm OK with that although I sometimes wish to wear something that doesn't show quite so much....but it's what she likes so I roll with it....
Sometimes she complements me on how hot I look....and then before I know it I'll be down on my knees for her....I love it and so does she.....
But I wonder whose fantasies we're fulfilling, mine or hers....

Monday ManCandy

It's a little before Christmas but you can't wait!!!!
You want that special treat now!!!!
You know that Santa will understand......you've been very good at being very bad all year and you're at the top of both his naughty and nice lists....
So if you want to swallow your special creamy present early....well just go ahead!!!
ManCandy!!!! He knows when you've been bad or good or in your case both!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Walk of Shame

"Where's my dress?"
"You're wife took it with her when she left...."
"But what am I supposed to wear to get home....."
"That's not my problem Sissy.....just get your coat and go....I have things to do today!!!!!"
What a bastard.....he was a whole different guy when he was in my mouth last night....then it was.....oooooh sissy you're the best.....and ooooooh sissy take my cock....
now it was get your coat and get out......well just you wait mister.....just you wait and see if your stinky cock ever gets in my mouth again!!!!!
I grab my coat and go....and I wish I had bought a much longer coat.....but it was only seven blocks to home!!!!

Sissy School - A Holiday Weekend Visit Home

"What!!! What do you mean you can't send the pink bus? Right now.....as we speak....my sissy husband has my boyfriends cock in her mouth.....again!!!!"
"I'm sorry but all sissy transportation is shut down for Christmas.....we'll be glad to pick him up on the 26th....."
"So I'm stuck with my sissy husband....who's just sucking and fucking any and all....until the day after Christmas???"
"To be fair....that's what we teach them to do.....I'm sure your boyfriend is enjoying himself....."
"A little too much.....by the time we go to bed he's too exhausted to give me anything...."
"I'm sorry Ma'am...but there's nothing I can do for you...."
"Alright.....I have to go......just send the bus first thing in the morning on Thursday!!!"

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Winter Solstice

That means it's officially winter....and that means pulling on your warm wooly socks and getting a nice fire going....tea and crumpets just make it more perfect....relaxing with the daily papers while I listen to her cumming over and over with her lover....ahhh winter does have it's charms!!!!!

Morning Glory

Yes she loves her Sissy.....she proves it to him every morning.....and then they have a lovely breakfast together.....they both smile as they sit at the table....

Friday, December 20, 2019

Does She Have To...

Does she have to put me in bondage to make me lick her lovers cum from her divine pussy.....no of course she doesn't have to.....but it is fun when she wants to!!!!

Your Wish

"Don't look at me Sissy....you're the one that wanted to be my submissive sissy slut....I'm just giving you what you wanted.....now go answer the door!!!!"
"But.....who is it?"
"That's the best part Sissy.....I have no idea who it is....let's go find out together!!!! Think of it as your first sissy adventure!!!!
"Yes Ma'am....."

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Nothing Personal

"It's not personal Honey....it's just that.....well....it's just obvious isn't it....I mean even you can see it right....."
"Yes Sweetheart I understand...."
"Oh I just knew you would....now how about sucking it for me....I bet you want to....well I really don't care if you want to.....I want to see you do it.....you'll do that for me....won't you Honey?"
"If it's what you want....."

Try it Yourself

Go on....I dare you....try it yourself....
Go put on your prettiest undies.....you know the really pretty ones....the special occasion ones....
Now spend the evening fluffing your wife's lover.....he's big so maybe spend some time choking trying to take him all as he and your wife laugh at you....
Then kneel in your her  bedroom and watch as he makes her cum on his big cock over and over.....
Then crawl between her legs and lick her clean.....take your time....you don't want to miss a drop....
Then.....when you're done.....then go to your sissy bedroom and try to sleep.....I bet you can't do it.....I know I can't.....I can't sleep and I can't cum and I lay there with the taste of them alive in my mouth!!!!
Sleep.....I bet you couldn't either.....

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Is That Your Husband?

"I'm so glad to see you....it's been so long....how are you?"
"I'm fine....everything is going great....and you?"
"The same....life's been good....how's your husband?"
"Why not ask him yourself.....he's tight here!!!!"
"On my god....is that your husband.....I can't believe it.....what a sissy...."
"But he's so much more attentive to my needs this way...."
"Well I always said he had  a sweet girly ass...."
"He still does.....take a look!!!!"

Hump Day

Even as the pressures grew, by Hump Day you were already having a breakthrough.....if we only did it like.....oh god no.....it was slipping away.......maybe....just close your eyes and enjoy the rhythm and maybe it'll come back....

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


"Oh my goodness Sister Kaaren....what's this hard little thing I'm feeling...."
"It's a smaller version of what I'm feeling pressing against my bottom Sister..."
"What do you think we should do about this Sister?"
"I can think of lots of things....we'll both have so many things to confess ..."

Early Morning Light

As the glorious early morning light streamed in through the window......she had finished her breakfast and now it was my turn to eat.....

Monday, December 16, 2019

She Ususally Makes Me Stop

I understand that it's very different for her....she's been wearing pretty things.....pretty dresses and skirts since she was a baby....
But here I am....in a pretty dress with even prettier undies on and I just want everyone to see!!!!
She was taught that she must never let the nasty boys peek up her skirt and see her pretty panties.....but no one ever taught that to me!!!!
And to be honest.....the undies are so pretty they really should be seen!!!!

Monday ManCandy

In some cases the weekend has taken so much out of you that you can't even pick your head up....not even for that creamy treat you crave!!!!
That's when you need mouth to mouth resuscitation to get you on your feet again!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It gives you life!!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2019


How on earth could he say no when she smiled at him like that.....
All he ever wanted was to make her happy.....and if sucking her boyfriend's cock made her happy.....it was his job, as her husband, to suck his cock and make her happy!!!!

Sunday Brunch

Oh please...like this one....she didn't like any of the last three appetizers although all of the other ladies did.....my hands are shaking a little as I hold out the tray for her to sample......and I silently pray that she approves it because I just don't think I can take another spanking right now!!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Yes my wife is bigger than me.....and when she wears heels she towers over me!!!!!
But I love it....it makes me feel like her little girl....my inner submissive just eats it up....
I love having to look up to kiss her.....and I love having her look down to kiss me....it just seems right!!!!

Say Thank You

"Say thank you Sissy!!!"
""Thank you for what....what are you going to do to me?"
"Just say thank you Sissy!!!!"
""Why.....for what...."
"Say thank you because I'm using lube for your first time...."

Friday, December 13, 2019

Way Back

I know....I'm old fashioned.....but way back when,,,,before her lover asked her to shave it....I used to like the way her pussy hairs tickled my nose....I enjoy her so much now.....but sometimes I wish the bush was still there!!!!


There are times that you just have to accept your limitations no matter how ambitious you are....no matter how much you want it, some things are just never going to be possible!!!!
Just do as much as you can and be satisfied that you've done your best....there's no shame in that!!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

My Fantasy

The coach in my junior year in high school told me that I should sign up for the girls soccer team.....
"So Coach.......I followed your advice.....and I became a good soccer player....so I thought you'd enjoy a demonstration of my ability to hit the goal!!!!!"

Bad Back

I was pulling out Christmas Decorations and I stretched and twisted to reach for one of the boxes and my back went out!!!! Huge, huge pain.....the doctor said it doesn't appear to be anything serious and I should just avoid any heavy lifting for the next few days....
And here we are......if I ever had any doubts that she loved me....she spent over an hour just massaging my back.....I don't deserve her....really I'm not good enough for her....but she seems to think so.....so I'll just enjoy it for now....

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hump Day

On Hump Day you know that you'd have never gotten this far without the help of those around you!!!!

Page Hits

"Kaaren....Sissy Kaaren....is that you? What brings you to Washington?"
"Oh.....I didn't expect to meet anyone I knew....I'm just waiting here till they call me in to testify...."
"Testify? About what Kaaren?"
"Well I've been getting a lot of page hits from Ukraine lately and congress wants to know why!!!!"
"So why do you think they're visiting your blog Kaaren?"
"Probably because there are horny people everywhere....what other possible reason could there be?"

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Human Resources

"Hello, Mrs Donelly, this is Ms. Robinson....I'm the head of Human Resources at your husband's workplace.....I was just calling to inform you that he's just been punished again for non-compliance with our dress code policies...."
"He looked alright when he left this morning....what do you mean you punished him?"
"I'm afraid the dress code calls for pink panties at all times....I'm wearing mine....he seems to think this rule doesn't apply to him because he's a man....and I have to say....after administering his spanking.....he doesn't seem like much of a man..."
"You....you spanked him....because he didn't wear pink panties to work....a bare bottomed spanking?"
"Is there any other way?"
"And where is he now?"
"Why....he's doing corner time in my office of course!!!!"
"You spanked him and now he's standing in the corner???"
"Of course....it's standard discipline....."
"I'll be right there....keep him there just like that.....I know exactly which pair of pink panties he'll look best in...."
"I look forward to meeting you!"


If yours was as tiny as mine you'd understand my fascination with a cock that you can wrap your entire hand around....not just two fingers!!!!!
It's just so different from what I'm used to....that I just love to hold them, stroke them.....and suck them!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2019

The Final Taboo

It's funny....she's pressed my head between her cheeks and demanded that I worship her asshole....which I have gladly done...
She's pushed her sweaty toes into my mouth and I gladly licked them for her because I know she enjoys it.....
I've licked her lover's cream from her sweet pussy and loved every second of doing it....
But when I nuzzled my face into her armpit she was quick to tell me that I shouldn't do that....it was disgusting.....
But she's come around and she enjoys it now.....as the last taboo falls away....

Monday ManCandy

"Now what do we say?"
"Open up and say Yum!!!!"
"Exactly right....."
"How could I forget....."
"Can i have my medicine now?"
"Of course.....enjoy it...."
"I always do....."
ManCandy!!!! It's what the doctor ordered!!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"They put me in the chastity cage to discourage me while I was home....my wife has been complaining every week...."
"I know Sissy...."
"But maybe they should have put you in a cage instead of me....although I'm really glad they didn't...."
"Me too Sissy...."
"It's funny but the cage is making this more fun....."
"Quiet Sissy....she'll hear us!!!!"
From across the room we both were startled when she said....
"I heard you both five minutes ago......I called the pink bus and then I came to watch....and all I can say is you better be ready to fuck me as long and hard as you're fucking my sissy husband or you're in real trouble...."
I tried to follow their conversation but I was having a sissygasm and I couldn't concentrate on anything else!!!!!