Thursday, August 31, 2017

Always There

"In all the crazy world.....when everything around me is in turmoil.....I can always count on you Sissy....when I come home at night I know that you're there for me....that means so much to me!" "***

***actual quote from my Sweetheart!!!!

What She's Having

I'll have what she's having please....and make mine a double!!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Started Off

It started off as a few playful swats on my bottom....but it was so obvious to both of us how much we both enjoyed it!!!!

New Member

When the girls of Eta Pi asked him to pledge their Sorority he couldn't believe his good fortune....
The recent calls for diversity had forced open the old halls of Sororities and Fraternities and he was so glad to be chosen as the groundbreaking member who would change this Sorority forever....
Yes they made him wear skirts and panties....but that was a small price to pay as a pathfinder to a new age of enlightenment....
Yes they made him wear a he that he would know the burden they felt every day....
But it wasn't until his initiation night that he really felt like one of the girls!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Several of her closest friends are aware of our lifestyle....and they are not only allowed but encouraged to drop by our house to inspect my chastity whenever they wished!!!!
Some will just give it a quick look and have a laugh while others love to tempt me so my little clit will try to get hard in it's plastic cage.....

Sooner or Later

"You know I love doing this Kaaren....but sooner or later you're going to have to start putting these plugs in by yourself!"
"Even the big ones Sweetheart?"
"Especially the big ones Sissy....after all your education is my entertainment!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day Back

I knew her first day back at work would be tough so I made something in the slow cooker that would wait until she wanted to eat.....I know her well enough to know that after a hectic day the last thing on he mind would be food.....maybe after a few orgasms she might push me away but I had a feeling that today she wanted my attention more than my pot roast...and that was perfectly OK with me!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You set the alarm a little extra early so you would have plenty of time this morning....the first day back after vacation is one of the toughest work days there is...
You're going to need every bit of your energy to get you going this morning and even though you kept up by phone over the week you'll still need to hit the ground running!!!!
That's why you need the creamy energy boost that will stay with you all will sit in your tummy as you try to clear your desk....a pleasant reminder of the morning that will last you till the evening!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The very last drop will stay with you all day!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vacation - Coming home

"Kaaren!!! Are you dressed yet?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Come here please!"
Yes Ma'am!"

"Come around here and get on your knees Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am."
"He has a nice cock doesn't he Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma' looks very nice!!!"

"If you kiss me nice I might let you suck it..."
"Can I please...."
"Kiss me first Sissy!"

"Mmmm that was nice've always had the sexiest lips..."
"Can I now...please...."
"Can you what, Kaaren?"
"Can I suck his cock now....pretty please?"
"Of course you can, you're my special girl!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"
"Get busy Sissy!"

Of course I dove right in and had his nice hard cock in my mouth right away!!!!
She snuggled close to him to get a closer look at me sucking her lovers cock...
Vacations are fun....but there's no place like home!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vacation Day 8

Most of these hotels had wonderful pools and we took full advantage of them....

Friday, August 25, 2017

Vacation Day 7

"Come on out's so nice and cool out here!!!"
"I can't Sweetheart....I'm just in my bra and panties..."
"Me too Sissy....come on...there's no one out here to's just me!"
"Come on Sissy, it's such pretty one will see but me...."
"Okay Sweetheart!!!"

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Vacation Day 6

"Is that you Kaaren?'
"Yes Sweetheart....please let me in..."
"What do you have for me Sissy?"
"I made two hundred dollars like you told me to....please let me in!"
"However did you do that Sissy?"
"Tell me..."
"I gave three blowjobs and I let a trucker finger my can I come in....please???"
"Alright Sissy.....keep your panties on...I'm coming!"
"Thank you....thank you Ma'am!"

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vacation Day 5

"It's so hot...."
"Do you think we should?"
"Why not?"
"We're not kids anymore...."
"Yes we are.....we'll always be....."
"Always Baby.."
"C'mon....let's go!!!!!"
"Last one in pays for dinner!"
"1. 2. 3. go!!!!"

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vacation Day 4

Just relaxing and working on your tan...released from chastity....just for the that's a vacation!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday ManCandy - Road Trip

There's a simple beauty to it.....this big country....driving past the forests and mountains....past the towns and cities.....the small villages....
We're a people who differ so much from one place to so many ways....speech, food, accents, lifestyles, affluence, politics....but at the heart of it, we're all Americans!!!
We love our country, our flag, our neighbors, our way of life....we embrace the differences among us.....and we celebrate it!!!!
But there's one constant....from Key West to Fairbanks....there's one thing we all agree on....
ManCandy!!!! It's not just good for's good for all of us!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vacation Day 3

As the elevator doors opened revealing the Sissy and the woman there were audible gasps....but no one said a word and the doors slid shut like it had never happened....the woman beside us impatiently pushed the down button again as she rolled her eyes!!!
My wife squeezed my hand and smiled at me.....I had a feeling that when we got back to the hotel later it might be us in the elevator....I couldn't wait!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vacation Day 2

It's an old game she loves to play.....the hotel hallway is empty....and it's late so there probably won't be anybody coming....except her, of course.....
I worry about being exposed like this at first....but after a few minutes I'm lost, all I can think of....all I want is to get my tongue deeper into her wet pussy....
Is that the elevator I hear? Does it even matter at this point?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Vacation Day 1

Yes I love to go on the road with her....I love to see new places and get off the beaten track...and sometimes we stop...just to stretch our legs.....but there's something else I'd so dearly love to let loose to stretch....maybe she'll let me....

Going To Be Traveling Sweeties

I want you all to know that for the next week and a half or so, my wife and I are going to be traveling....I will be updating both of my blogs as time and my wife permits so please don't forget about me!!!!
We're heading south....first to catch the once-in-a-lifetime Great American Solar Eclipse....and after that we're going to explore a bit.....I have flown over the mighty Mississippi River but I'd love to see it close up so we'll probably make a stop in Memphis....and maybe go to Graceland and pay my respects to the King of Rock and Roll!!!
So I know we'll be in Tennessee for a couple of days staying with friends and I'm hoping for at least a day in New Orleans.....probably stopping in Virginia and western Pennsylvania on the way there and back!!!!
I've got my traveling shoes on and the road is calling keep your eyes may see us go by on the highway!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Came Home

She came home almost every night like this and he always licked her sweet pussy till she came on his tongue!!!!
He never asked why she was late and he never asked about the extra cream that he ate from first that made her feel guilty.....but eventually she realized that he was enjoying it just as much as she was.....and they never spoke about it,  if they spoke it out loud it might ruin it!!!!

First Things First

The morning routine never got boring.....
There was the shower.....then came the plug.....
Every few weeks it got bigger.....this was her Sissy's newest....
Then after would come the cage and then Sissy could go and get dressed....
It was a lot of extra work to maintain a proper sissy husband but she had decided long ago that it was totally worth it!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Yes I am submissive to her.....she runs my life in just about every way....and I love it.....but there are times that I can become very aggressive.....when I'm trying to please her I can be very.....dominant I guess......but only as much as she allows!!!!!

The Words of the Prophets

Paul Simon wrote "The Sound of Silence"in 1963.
He wrote the lyric....
"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls"
Who am I to argue with the prophets!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Look Who Dropped By

"Hi Sweetheart, look who dropped by to see you!!!"
"I've been keeping him entertained Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....!"
"Very good Sissy....I'm going to shower and then I'll join you....I'll be very disappointed if I find he has cum before I get back....very disappointed!!!"
"I promise.....his cum is  always for you first!"

Wake Up

I had a feeling she was already awake but I had learned long ago that I was not to stop until I was told....and I was hoping she didn't tell me to stop for quite a while!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

How Long

"How long has it been Sissy? A week....maybe two?"
"It's been almost two months Sweetheart!!!!"
"Oh no....that can't be right....I'm pretty sure it's only been a week or two!!!"
"It was the middle of June Sweetheart and it was really wonderful...."
"Well then....I guess you're due for a release....let me think....well the rest of this week I'm just so busy.....and next week we're going on vacation.....and the  following weekend is Labor Day.....why I'm pretty sure that I might, and I'm not sure so don't hold me to this, I might be able to find the time to release you some time in October...."
"October!!!! But Sweetheart please....."
"Well yes surely October.....definitely no later than that or maybe early November....certainly by Thanksgiving....."
"Yes Ma'am....I understand....I won't ask again!!!"
"Very good get on with your chores...."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

Starting that new job today!!!! You want to dazzle them by being the best you can be!!! You want to show them that you're not the type to wait for the clock to hit're ready right away....for anything!!!! You want to show them you've got the drive they're looking for!!!! Drive requires fuel and you've got that get yours every morning....sometimes in the afternoon too and definitely every night!!!!
ManCandy!!!! You just can't have too much of a good thing!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Vist Home

She cuddled up next to me and I gasped as she pulled up my skirt!!!
She hadn't touched me sexually in years....ever since she had discovered that I was a sissy...
Her lips met mine and her tongue explored my mouth as her hand slipped into my pink panties and fondled my throbbing cock clit!!!
Breathlessly she asked if I liked it....
"Oh yes!!!!! It feels so good....."
"Do you want to cum you really want to cum in your pretty pink panties?"
"Oh please....oh yes please!!!!
"I want the passcode for the Swiss accounts Sissy....I want it so bad Baby.....almost as bad as you want to cum.....satisfy me and I'll satisfy you...."
"511822.....511822....please let me cum....please....."
"I don't think so Sissy.....I'm already satisfied.....I think it's best if you go back to school....the pink bus is already on it's way!"

Have You Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered, as I have, if you'd been born female would you still have grown up to be the twisted sissies you are?
I think that if I had been born a real girl I would have become a giant slut....I base this only on my experiences, not on any type of scientific study.....
I mean.....if I'm being honest here....I like to take two men at once.....the very idea makes my whole body shiver....three is better...four is better....five is better still....
Yes....I'm a slut....yes I love cocks....I can't imagine any version of me that's different from that....

Saturday, August 12, 2017


She started moaning almost as soon as he pushed his big cock into her little puckered hole....I licked her to give her a little more pleasure but I was moaning too....I don't know if she realized it or not but every time he thrust his big cock into her ass she squeezed my balls so tight!!!!
Neither of them seemed to notice....

In A Moment

In a moment I'll be pushed aside and he'll take my wife and fuck her right in front of me....and I'll kneel and watch with the taste of his cock still fresh in my mouth....she's recently required me to count her orgasms as best I can....and when he leaves my challenge is to match that number with my tongue....I'm proud to say I sometimes exceed that number!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

In Our House

In our house you never have to worry about anyone leaving the seat up!!!!


In my dream I'm driving a Formula 1 racer through an empty winding road.....there are challenging turns and long straightaways where the speed makes the wind shriek in my ears.....
I can see the tunnel in the distance and it looks so's color against it's background beckoning me closer....urging me to go faster and faster and  faster and....

Just before I reach it a hose gives out....spraying fluid everywhere as the car rolls to a stop....inches away...the tunnel untouched by it's wheels....
I wonder what it means.....

Thursday, August 10, 2017


It's so different when I make love to my wife....
Men are always in a hurry....I know I used to be.....I was as guilty as the next guy even though I was a sissy....
Before I came to be the slutty sissy I've become I tried to act like a man....
I ignored the carefully chosen undies that she wore in my hurry to get at what was under them....
I pulled and tugged instead of kissing and softly caressing....
I always came far too soon to satisfy her and did nothing to give her the pleasure she was due....
But that all changed....
I never hurry anymore....there is nothing that I can do that's more important than pleasing her.....
I never try to act like a man anymore....if I did she would just too probably...
I spend a lot of time picking out the special outfits for both of us, that would please her and maybe make her a little wet....
I kiss and lick her body with all the love and tenderness she deserves.....I touch her lightly and kiss her in all the places that make her moan in pleasure....and together we have discovered some places she loves to be touched that she hadn't known before....
Since she put me into chastity we've both come to see that my orgasms aren't important....I was never able to please her with my small cock clit anyway and so we didn't pretend that it matters anymore....and we are both happier!!!!

It may not work for you but it's worked for us....

In The Mirror

He looks in the mirror and sees an alpha male fucking a sissy bitch
I look in the mirror and see a sissy bitch fucking an alpha male
We both see what we want so much to see!!!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Some Liked To Watch

When she had told him about her sissy husband he had been very interested....
No, he wasn't interested in having the sissy touch him or suck him but he wanted to see her make love with the sissy while he watched....
He had a lesbian fantasy and this wasn't exactly it....but it was pretty damn was close enough!!!


He's almost forgotten as we share the intimacy of sucking him together....first our lips briefly brush each other as we take turns on his strong hard shaft....then we share the soft velvety head between us our lips crushed against each others as his cock starts to spasm....but by the time he cums I only want her and she only wants me....later we'll clean each other up....waste not want not.....but sometimes it's just about the two of us!!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


She sometimes enjoyed a nice massage when she came home from work....I would rub the tension from her neck and shoulders and when she was really relaxed the real massage, the one she really needed, would begin!!!!!

That's Why

If you've ever been spanked...hard...with that damned'll understand why I go to great lengths to avoid getting stains on the sheets.....and it guarantees I don't miss a's a win-win the way I see it!!!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

This Privilege

I have ever.....had this privilege.....she told me long ago that her ass is for real men only.....and I simply just don't measure up....
I do get to lick and finger and worship but penetration is never going to happen....
Thankfully I do get to watch....and sometimes I'm jealous of the men who get to enjoy this forbidden fruit....but then.....when I watch I know...I could never compete with them.....perhaps it's because I wish they were doing the same to me!!!!

Monday ManCandy

In the dog-eat-dag world of corporate America everybody is always looking for an angle....a way to be better that the next guy....
Sometimes the losers stop and wonder how you did were always there were always on top of the seemed like you never slept.....they knew you must have dedicated your every waking moment to advancing your career....
Well you did spend a lot of time advancing your career...but not every minute!!!
You always set aside time for your morning treat.....that warm little load in your tummy gave you that red-hot drive to succeed....when they were all just waking up you were already there....ready to take on the day!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The REAL breakfast of champions!!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

You're Wrong

If you've ever played a game of Twister and it didn't end with your face buried in her're playing it wrong!!!


Why do so many couples divorce these days?
I think it's just because they don't have any common interests....
We'll never have that problem....she likes to see me suck a nice big cock and I love to do it, especially while she watches!!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017


"I told him it would be me when you see him walking by with that big old smile on his face I want you to remember how his cum tasted and I want you to remember....he thought it was in my mouth!!!"

Missing One

"Holy shit....she's a guy!!!!"
"Yeah....but barely..."
"What should we do Dude?'
"I don't know.....maybe..."
"Let me clear it up for you boys.....I'm no guy....and instead of having three holes I only have two....and there's two of I think this will work out just fine for all of us!!!"
"Makes sense Dude!!!"
"Works for me!!!"