Monday, July 31, 2017

Don't Pout Sissy

"Don't pout Sissy....I know you love your birthday present and I'm sure if you ask him nicely he'll put it right back inside you when he's done.....and just think....he won't even need any lube!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's going to be the best birthday ever....starting with a fantastic mouthful of creamy goodness and followed by another!!!! I really can't stop right now to thank her for arranging all this but I can give her a wink to let her know how happy she's made me!!!
ManCandy!!!! The perfect present for every occasion!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mommy Told Me

"What is it Sweetheart?"
"I have a question?"
"Can it wait until I'm finished cooking these burgers Honey?"
"Well....I guess....but Mommy told me to ask you?"
"Alright Honey....what do you want to know?"
"Well I was just wondering....I saw you wearing Mommy's dress last night and I was wondering if maybe later you'd play dress up with me too?"


She'll be leaving for church soon because despite everything....she's still religious and she draws comfort from a faith community....
I'm not religious and I always make sure that before she leaves I also have my time to worship....
My worship is not part of a community but I'd bet most of her worship community would join my observance if given the chance.....

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Are You Sure

"Are you sure I should be streaming this to your husband?"
"Oh absolutely....he'll be so jealous!!!!"
"Jealous that you're sucking my cock?"
"No, jealous that he didn't get to suck it with me!!!"

Wiped Out

I collapsed onto the bed and although I felt his cum dribbling out of me I just didn't have the energy to do anything about it....
He had fucked me thoroughly....I had been his sissy bitch....and god how I had loved it....
Now he was slipping away to go back to sleep next to my must he feel....knowing that as he closed his eyes,  both of us had his cum inside us....
I just needed to sleep....he had exhausted wife and I could compare notes in the morning!!!!"

Friday, July 28, 2017

Humiliation - A Tale From Real Life

I was dragged out in front of all the women I ever knew.....even some of the girls I loved from afar as a little boy were there!!!!
I was dressed in a long white diaphanous gown.....and I couldn't do anything but stand there as they laughed at they laughed at the Sissy....
Then he appeared.....they cheered....his cock already so hard.....and he came straight for a simple effortless move he spun me around and flipped up my dress as the women cheered wildly!!!!
When he pushed himself inside me.....I screamed....but so did every woman there and they began chanting....
I felt my own little clit stand and strain as he hit that spot again and again.....
And finally he came and they applauded again....then he pushed my face down into the cum I had dribbled out as he took me....and they leaped to their feet and gave him a standing ovation.....
And I woke then.....humiliated and straining in the cage....gasping as I wanted so badly to cum.....
She must have heard me....she must have known how terribly I needed relief.....she stirred from her sleep....
"Kaaren.....go back to must have been dreaming...."
And she rolled over and faced away from me!!!!
I looked down at her beautiful ass....forbidden to me except for my tongue....and a moan escaped my lips,,,,,
"Kaaren....dammit I need my rest.....go sleep in your room and we'll discuss proper bedroom behavior in the morning...."
Yes Ma'am!"


Sometimes I worry.....there has to be a limit....I know she likes big cocks....but to suck this one in any meaningful way I'd have to be able to unhinge my jaw like a python!!!
What will this monster do to her sweet little pussy???
I guess I'll find out in the morning!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Not Much

He wasn't very much to look at....
He wasn't a particularly snappy dresser...
He really wasn't much of a conversationalist....
I really didn't see what she liked about him.....why would she date such a nothing....
Then she asked me to fluff him....
When he opened his pants I found my answer.....once I had him in my mouth he was just perfect as far as I was concerned!!!!!

Yes Dear

"You're going to be wearing panties for me all the time from now you understand?"
"Yes Dear!!!"
"And I'm going to put your puny cock in a chastity more orgasms for you!!!"
"Yes Dear!!!"
And I'm going to fuck as many other men as I you understand?"
"Yes Dear!!!"
You're going to be my Sissy you understand?"
  "Yes Dear!!!"
"Do you have anything else to say .....other than "Yes Dear""
"Yes Dear......can I wear your bras and dresses too...."
"Sissy....I think this will be the perfect marriage!!!!"
"Yes Dear!!!"

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In 30 Feet

Siri announced, " In 30 feet the destination is on your left."
It was a small lingerie that I had never been to....they had so many pretty things in the window and I was happy that my wife had guided me here!!!!
There were a few customers in the small shop as I went in but soon it was just me browsing all the pretty frillies!
"Are you Kaaren?" one of the salesgirls asked.
"Yes I am.....have we met?"
"No Honey but your wife gave us very specific instructions!!!!"
The other salesgirl was locking the door and pulling down the shades....I didn't know where this was going....but oh goodness it was probably going to be embarrassing and humiliating and wonderful and something I would never want to forget....


I always get up early to make sure she has a good breakfast before she goes out into the corporate world!!!
I make sure she has everything she needs before I settle down to my it's Eggs Benedict for her while I'll be having pussy....
Tomorrow  it's my world famous blueberry pancakes....I'll be having pussy
Friday it's her choice.....but I'll almost certainly be having pussy again!!!
I love to cook for her and she loves to feed me works out for both of us!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Few Minutes

"He'll be here in a few minutes Sissy...what's the problem?"
"It's all these little buttons Sweetheart...."
"Just finish!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I mean what do the people who design women's clothes think.....26 buttons!!!! Surely not every woman has a sissy to button her up!!!! And even worse I'll bet he has it off of her way faster than I got it on her....
Oh well, if I play my cards right maybe....just maybe...she'd let me wear it this weekend!!!

Sissy School - Gasping

I knelt there feeling my sweet roommate Leeanne's hand squeeze mine as he entered her.....she gasped as the pleasure washed over her....
I wanted to be there for hold her and kiss her as she lost her virginity....
And I wanted to make sure I was next!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sissy Training - Corsets

It's important that your Sissy understand the benefit of a good tight corset....not only to shape his body into the femme shape it should be.....also to let him understand that femininity requires work and sacrifice....he may complain now but he'll appreciate it later when those dresses fit him just right!!!!

Monday ManCandy

For so many of us the Monday work day starts well before we get to the office! E-mails and voicemails have to be dealt with and some clients can't wait till 9am for the answers they need!!!
In our high pressure world you have to be ready to multitask if you want to climb that corporate you have to be able to listen and swallow at the same time!!!
Despite the early hour you have to put your clients needs first but at the same time you can't ignore your own!!! An early start requires a quick and easy, high protein breakfast that will last all day!!!
ManCandy!!! Ready when you are!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Please, please can't I stay....I'll be ever so good....I'll give you lots and lots of orgasms....I know how now....not like when we first married....I promise I'll be your perfect sissy girl...please?"
"I'm so tempted to say yes Sissy, you are very good at making me cum....but I can't overlook that whenever you're here my boyfriend is always too exhausted to fuck me and even with all your training you're still not worth give me a kiss....the pink bus is already on it's way to take you back!!!!"


Yes I may be a Sissy.....yes she has made me her cuckold, over and over.....yes she is my superior in every way....
But that doesn't mean that I can't seduce her....maybe I can't fuck her....but I can make her so hot that the slightest touch of my tongue will make her cum....and I can keep her cumming for hours.....until she pushes me away....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Take More

"I can take more Kaaren....I've been doing it since I was thirteen!!!"
"Well I haven't been doing it as long as you have but I still think I can take just as much as you....or maybe more!!!"
"In your dreams Sissy!!!"
"Want to bet?'
"What's the bet Sissy..."
"We use the big double one and we mark the center.....whoever gets their lips past the center first is the winner!"
"And what does the winner get Sissy?"
"Obviously the winner gets to cum....."
"Alright're on...."
When our lips met together at the center mark we forgot all about the stupid bet....and later she enjoyed her orgasm so much....

Not Making It Easy

"Are you taking our dresses to the dry cleaners today Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....I already have them in the car...."
"You wouldn't mind adding this one would you....I noticed a spot on it earlier...."
"No problem Ma'am!!!!"
Unzip me Sissy so I can take it off...."
"Yes....yes Ma'am!"
I love being in chastity for her but she doesn't make it easy!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Joining Us For Dinner

"Hi Sweetheart....I invited Vincent from my cooking class to join us for dinner tonight!"
"Is he a good chef Sissy?"
"I really don't know...but all the girls in class say he brings something special to every dish!!!"
"Alright then Sissy....I'm looking forward to a gourmet delight..."
"Oh yes too!!!!"

Here Again

"Oh! I didn't expect you this the day you service the pool?"

"It's already been a week!!!! My how time flies!!!!"

"Full service again this week I suppose?""

"Well okay....but let me get a pillow to kneel on....last week she spanked me for ruining my stockings!!!"

"Okay take care of the pool and I'll be back in a couple of minutes!!!!"

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Wore Them

"I wore them all day today Sissy....would you like to wear them tomorrow?"
"Really.....yes wouldn't mind?'
"If I put them in the laundry you'd dig them out and wear them wouldn't you ?"
"'t think you knew about that...."
"Oh my sweet little have no secrets from me!!!"
Yes Ma'am....could I put them on now please?"
"Well....I guess know I spoil you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!"


"You know what Sissy....sometimes I don't think you appreciate all I do for you...."
Yeah....I pay for the roof over your head and the clothes on your back...."
"I make sure that you have what you need...."
"And on top of all that responsibility I have to be the one who has all the orgasms in this family!!!!"
"If only we could share that...."
"Quiet Sweetie.....I'm almost there...."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And It Would Serve Him Right

And that's just today!!!!
I never lived up to his expectations, he wanted his son to be a sports star....but I probably got hit on the chin by way more balls than any Pro Baseball player!!!!


While he tried to tell her for the last hour she tried to be patient....
Finally when it appeared he would never get to it she grabbed him and pulled down his shorts revealing his sissy panties!!!!
"Is this what you were trying to tell me?"
"Yes....I'm sorry I didn't tell you before...."
"Isn't it lucky that I brought my big black strap-on with me...just in case I met a Sissy who needed to get fucked hard"
Oh yes.....that's very lucky...."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do You Mind

"Do you mind Sissy, do you mind that I touch your wife like this.....that I stroke her soft skin....that she shivers and moans at my touch while you kneel and watch?"
"No Sir!"
"I know you say no. but I know you as I slip my hands over her panties....listen to her you mind if I put my fingers inside your wife Sissy?"
"No Sir....if it's what she wants!!!!"
"Well obviously she wants a man Sissy, and you're not much of a man....are you Sissy?"
"No Sir!"
"Well then you just kneel there and watch a man take your wife and please her as only a man can!!!!"
Thank god!!!! I thought he would just talk all night......


She heard him whimper.....
"Patience Dear....just a few adjustments and I'll have this big cock inside you in a moment!!!!"

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Kiss

It may seem funny to you when I tell you that I've always considered the kiss to be the most intimate contact two people can have!
So why is kissing special?
I don't just is!!!
I can kiss my wife but I draw a serious line at kissing any of her lovers!!!
Not too many of then try to kiss me but the ones that do meet serious resistance from me...
I know it sounds crazy.....but I'm the first to admit that I'm more than a little crazy....I'll get down on my knees and kiss, lick and suck his cock....maybe lick his ass too....and I have a pretty good time....but if he tries to kiss me I have no interest whatsoever...
She knows this and in this case she doesn't push, for which I'm very grateful!
Is it male ego.....god knows I never had much of that.....I don't know!!!
She once asked me if I would kiss her lover if she dressed him  like a sissy....if he was dressed like a girl too....and I thought about it and I had to say yes.....I would.....I wouldn't just kiss him I'd kiss and cuddle and kiss him for hours....
I guess you'd say I still have one sexual hangup that I need to work through...and right now I'm thinking of which one of her boyfriends would be the cutest girlfriend for me!!!

Monday ManCandy

You try to stay in get up extra early to hit the gym before want to work feeling the burn....ready for anything!!! But no workout will be worth it if you don't take care of your nutrition needs first.....
You'll need protein to power you through and to help your body replace that fat with lean muscle.....and there's no better way to get it.....small, concentrated and will carry you through the workout and right on into your work day!!! And the best thing is that it's readily available in almost any gym almost anywhere in the world!!!
ManCandy!!! Building strong bodies and filling empty tummies!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my god Sissy....what the hell is going on!!!! Is that my strap-on??? Is that my boyfriend??? I thought I told you I didn't want you fucking him!!!!"
"Actually Sweetheart, you said that he couldn't fuck really were very specific about it....and I was telling him about my lessons this week and well one thing lead to another...."
"The least you could do is stop fucking him while you're long has this been going on?"
"I'll say about 35 minutes.....he seems to be really enjoying it...."
"Pull it out now.....clean it off and pack your bag....I'm calling for the pink bus now....if anyone is going to fuck my boyfriends ass it's going to be me, not my sissy husband!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Sissy Training - Now Do You See

"So now you see the difference Sissy.....your inadequacies are on full's the time Sissy....get down on your knees and take a real cock in your him the respect he deserves....."

Saturday, July 15, 2017


There was always that one thing I didn't like to do....she and I had discussed it and that discussion was just as awkward as you can imagine!
I couldn't explain why to her satisfaction and she decided that it was just a lack of practice on my part and so she insisted that every time I fluffed a man for her I had to offer....
"Please Sir....may I lick your asshole?"
I was turned down sometimes but not very often....and I will admit there is some subbie satisfaction to be had in listening to the men groan in pleasure and knowing it was all from me!!!

A Good Sissy

A good Sissy Cuckold always makes sure that not a single drop is wasted!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017


It's funny when I think about it....
My wife is a sex monster....and I mean that in the nicest possible way...
She loves sex....she loves her men....she loves me, her sissy husband and occasionally she loves women too!!!
She is a total sexual being and she believes it's her god given right to take her pleasure whenever and however she likes.....
The funny thing is that for years she didn't want anyone....not even see her touching herself....
Perhaps it was some childhood taboo that carried over into her adult life...
Those first years....she would try her best to discretely play with herself while I sucked her boyfriends cocks!!!!
Eventually she broke down the few taboos that I still had....she loosened up....especially when she realized that watching her touch herself added an extra layer of torment for me!!!!

Right Away

As soon as she got home I knew it was an emergency!!!!
If I wasn't quick his cum would start to drip down her leg!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quiet Night

It was so hot out.....she suggested we go skinny dipping in the pool and I wholeheartedly agreed.....
We played like teenagers....splashing and kissing and touching each was wonderful
Getting out we showered together....we took our time soaping each other....a few tickles led to girly giggles....and after drying each other she suggested that we sleep nude....
We laid down together on the cool crisp sheets and kissed like we did when we were young....
"Do you remember the first time Sissy? You were so embarrassed about the panties you were embarrassed about your little bitty thing...."
"Yes, I remember, and you put it in your mouth...."
"Those were the days Sissy!!!!"
"Yes those were the days....I don't suppose you want to...."
"Good night Sissy...."
"Good night Sweetheart!"

Wake You

"I'm sorry Sissy....did we wake you?"
Of course they woke me....who wouldn't wake up hearing their wife and a man laughing together at 2AM.....
"No Ma'am....I had to go to the bathroom....I'm sorry if I've disturbed you!!!"
Her date laughed....
"He's going to fuck me Sissy....he's going to stick that big cock inside me and fuck you want to stay and watch?"
Her date laughed again...
"Yes Ma'am.....if you wouldn't mind....I'd like that very much!!!!"
"Good.....and after you can clean us up and make something nice for breakfast..."
"It would be my pleasure Ma'am!!!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

She'd Be Home Soon

She'd be home soon.....maybe today was the day.....
He so wanted to tell her about his desires....
He saw how pretty he looked.....maybe she'd see it too....
It was such a part of him.....would she understand....
Today was the day....
He was waiting...
He would bare his innermost self to her....
He hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.....
He played out the scenarios in his mind over and over....
And then he heard her key in the door.....

Not A Bit

"Relax Baby, this won't hurt a bit...."
"Are you sure? I'm so nervous...."
"I'm sure Baby....this will feel so soft and nice...."
"It sounds so good...."
"Later....when I pound your Sissy pussy with my big black strap-on....that might hurt a little...."

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

While He Was Waiting

"Yes Ma'am, we were just keeping your Sissy husband busy while you were in your meeting....he was getting a bit whiny!!!!"
 "Very good ladies, I'll be busy for at least the next two you think you can find a way to keep him busy for that long?"
"Oh yes Ma'am that should be no problem!"
"Very good ladies....carry on!"

Always Compaining

"You're always complaining Sissy!!!! Honestly....I'm tired of hearing it!!!! I'd spank you right now but I have work to do!!!"
"But....but the key..."
"It's right there complain all the time when I hide it and now that I'm leaving it out in the open you're still complaining....Work can wait....get over here right now and get over my knee!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Monday, July 10, 2017

For Me

"Is it big and long and hard for me Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma''s so big and hard and it's all for you!!!"
"I want it hard and deep know how I like it!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....I'm going to fuck you hard and deep.....just like you want!!!!"
"Come here and fuck me Sissy.......come here.....Oh my god sissy...."
She convulsed in laughter.....
"I'm sorry's just so funny hearing you talk like a man......get down there and use your tongue.....maybe after I cum a couple of times it won't be so damned funny!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday ManCandy

Ah Summer.....getting into the great outdoors, our lives shift to outside activities!!!! We love to play and swim and picnic and vacation and explore and so on and so on...
But you need energy for this.....lot's of energy!!!! So fuel up with that concentrated protein treat that will keep you going all day!!!
ManCandy!!! It's even better outdoors!!!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Says It All

Sissy's face says it all...

Too Many

If you think this is too many petticoats then I suggest you go back to my first post and read my whole blog again!!!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wrong Address

"Do you see him yet Sissy?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Maybe he has the wrong address Sissy.....go out to the curb and wave to any passing cars, I told him my Sissy husband would greet him at the door!"
"But....what if it's not him that I'm waving to....what if it's a neighbor?"
"Just apologize and tell them you thought they were someone's very simple Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


The party was in full swing....the liquor flowing....the music pounding....everyone started to loosen up!!!!
Then came the contest!!!!
Who could finish first...several of the neighborhood wives knelt down to take up the challenge but when the Sissy knelt down next to them they realized they had no chance....again.....just like last time!!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

All Three

"You brought all three of them home???"
"That's right Sissy!"
"They look a little rough..."
"I thought so too Sissy!"
"Then why did you bring them home....I don't understand!!!"
"They all wanted to fuck Sissy!!!"
"Oh my're going to have sex with all three of them!!!!"
"Not me Sissy....come on let me introduce you!!!!"


Occasionally she would come home with a female lover....
All I can say about it is that I wish so hard that I could masturbate....
This is something that I'm allowed to watch but there's absolutely mo sissy participation allowed....
Except for my whimpering, because this can go on for hours!!!!