Wednesday, May 31, 2017


"You know Sissy....I've been walking around all day with this in my pants to get a feel for what men go through!!!! It is an awkward thing isn't it.....having a big hard cock in your pants that everyone can see....they stare and they point.....but I guess with that puny little replica in your panties you haven't experienced's funny but all I've been thinking about is getting someone down on their knees to suck it......and you are!!!

You're The One

The twins stopped him on the Quad as he was hurrying to his dorm....
"You're the one...aren't you? You're the one who dresses up in panties and bras right? asked one.
"We've been wanting to meet you..." said the other.
"Oh no....I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else.....bras and......panties....sorry not me ladies!!!!" I tried to keep from blushing!!!
"Oh..." said one, "that's a shame...."
"Yes..." said the other, "we were going to take you to our apartment and dress you in some sexy lingerie, and if you were good....really good....we would keep you as our ladies maid for the summer...."
"I...might have misspoken....I thought maybe you were looking for that other guy that dress in bras and panties.....of course I'm the one!!!"
"Oh-oh....I think you told us a fib..." said one!
""And fibbers get a spanking...are you ready for your spanking sissy boy?" said the other!
"I....uh...I just have to get my stuff from the dorm...."
"Nonsense!" said one, "You just need to come along with us!"
"We have everything you'll need to serve us!!!" said the other!
"Yes Ma'am....Yes Ma'am!"

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Snap

Okay....maybe some of the men who visit my silly little blog don't know what I mean but all of us gurls know all about the snap!!!!!
See below for explanation.....

Morning Routine

This may not be part of your morning routine....but it's been part of mine for some time now.....I have to be ready.....I just never know.....

Monday, May 29, 2017


"It's alright Sissy.....I got to wear the wedding dress today and I know how much you wished to wear it....but you can wear my tiara....everyone will think its a joke but we'll both know that you're my princess today!!! And you'll be my sweet little princess from now on!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You know you need it and your wife so loves to make sure you get it to start your day right!!! If you're going to be on the go all day you'll appreciate that extra energy burst that warm creamy treat will give you!!! But remember....your wife waited patiently for you to get yours so it's your turn to wait while she gets hers!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's the glue that holds couples together!!!

Memorial Day 2017

Remember the reason you're off from work today....

The First World War was the war to end all wars....if only it were so....

"In Flanders Fields" is a war poem in the form of a rondeau, written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. He was inspired to write it on May 3, 1915, after presiding over the funeral of friend and fellow soldier Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, who died in the Second Battle of Ypres. According to legend, fellow soldiers retrieved the poem after McCrae, initially dissatisfied with his work, discarded it. "In Flanders Fields" was first published on December 8 of that year in the London-based magazine Punch. - Wikipedia

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my god're so tight!!!"
"Your wife will never give me her ass.....the only ass I get is from you Sissy!!!"
"I'd love to have you stay home with us.....but your wife already called for the pink bus to come and get you....but you're not going anywhere till I'm done!!!"

Ready Yet

"Are you ready yet Sissy....the boys are getting a little randy!"
"In a few a few minutes I'll be ready!!!"
"Oh look Sissy.....your little thing is looks so cute....almost like a real one...."
"But it is a real one....."
"Oh're making us all laugh!!!"

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oh Look

"Oh look Sissy, the pool man is here.....would you like me to invite him in? Would you like me to let him watch while I make you my little squealing bitch....maybe he'd like sloppy seconds!!!!"
"Oh no....please Sweetheart....I have to see him all summer....I'd be so embarrassed!!!"
"Well you get over here on your knees and suck my cock and I'll think it over!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Hard To Say

He's a man....a real man....that's why he's going to spend the nght fucking your wife!!!
You're a sissy cuck and you're on your knees sucking his cock while your chastity cage pinches your little clit....
Which one of you is happier.....
It would be hard to're both getting exactly what you want!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017


She texted me a picture telling me she'd be late.....I told her I was a little jealous....I might want some of that too....but I told her to have fun....I'd be waiting for her when she got home....
It was only after.....while I was eating alone.....that the thought popped into my mind....who took that picture?

Brand New

They were brand new and Sissy just couldn't leave them alone....

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Taking A Moment

Passing by the bedroom mirror I see myself.....and I stop and ponder my situation....
Dressed as a girl.....regularly put into humiliating circumstances....kept in chastity....on my knees sucking her lovers cocks....licking her clean after....being penetrated by her....and her lovers.....using my tongue to please her while my small clitty strains in its cage....
Is this really the life for me???

Oh hell could this possibly get any better!!!!!!

3 Million Page Hits

Yesterday I had my three millionth page hit!!!! I'd like to thank you all for coming to my silly little blog and hopefully enjoying my posts.....
Now if you'd all line up in size order I'd like to thank you personally...
Oh, you can line up in any order you'd like but I think size order would be best!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That Moment

There's that moment.....when he looks at me....when he sees me as the sissy I am....when he smirks at me.....when he knows that I'll be getting down on my knees and sucking his cock.....when he knows that he'll be fucking my wife.....when he knows that he's the only man in our house....he looks at me.....and the humiliation I feel is indescribable....after all....
I'll be getting on my knees and sucking his cock...
He'll be fucking my wife....
He looks at me with a look of lust and pity in his eyes.....he just doesn't understand that this is exactly the way I want it to be....

Warm and Wet

I was always amazed at how easy it was for women to manipulate men.....
My wife explained it to me and afterward I rarely had a problem getting what I wanted!!!
Men have one idea......they want to put their cock in a warm and wet place and if you want to offer your mouth....well most of them will be only to happy to take you up on it!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How Proud

How proud were you that first time you managed to zip yourself up? And did you ever have that panic moment where you couldn't reach the zip to take it back off!?!?!?!?

I Won't Tell

"No it's cool Mr. MacArthur....I won't tell don't have to do's're just doing your own don't have to suck my cock to keep me quiet....I was only joking about that...."
"I still have to Bobby.....after seeing it....I can't help it....I still have to....."
"OK Mr. MacArthur.....but we have to finish before your daughter gets home....I really don't think she'd understand why her Father is sucking my cock!!!!"

Monday, May 22, 2017

More Wine?

"Would you like more wine Sweetheart?"
"Yes I would Sissy....and when you come back I want you down between my legs....better bring a pillow to kneel on....I think you're going to be on your knees for quite a while!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!! I'll be back in a moment!"
It's really hard to rush in these heels and harder still as I struggle with my little clit straining in its cage.....but as a good sissy maid I do the best I can!!!!

Monday ManCandy

There's no denying that for some it's an acquired taste!!! After all not everyone likes many gourmet dishes at first but as their palate matures they come to enjoy the many flavors and textures that they once tried to refuse!!! Honestly, there was once a time where I didn't like asparagus but now I love to eat those long smooth stalks with their flared tasty head!!! Like I can be an acquired taste!!!
ManCandy!!! Keep at it and you'll learn to love it!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Day At The Park

Oh Spring...
A day at the park....
A lovely picnic....
A soft breeze....
Her big cock inside me....
How could anyone ever be happier than this?

The Twins

After a night of clubbing, the twins couldn't wait to get their brother Michael home...they would have him out of that dress in no time!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sissies Through History - The First Sissy Blogger

"Type faster Sissy.....all of my friends are waiting to read your next appears that you're very popular.....perhaps some day we'll find a way to send your sissy musings around the world....but for now.....type faster Sissy!!!!"

So Horny

"Oh Baby I'm so horny.....I need a cock inside me right now!!!!"
"Right now?"
"Take your clothes off Baby.....I need it!"
"Okay Sweetheart!!!!"
"Then get your phone and call your friend Roy and see if he can come over...he's got such a nice big cock!!!"
"OK Sweetheart....but what about me...."
"You can lick my pussy till a real man gets here....wouldn't you like that?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Friday, May 19, 2017

Explain It Again

"Okay...just explain it one more time!"
"Alright Sissy.....I'm the goalie....when I kick the ball you have to catch it and run around the bases and when you reach the net you have to make me cum in under two minutes, that's what they call the two minute warning....and have to keep my balls in motion and you can't use your hands!!!!"
"And what if I don't make it in two minutes?"
"Oh yes...well you give me the ball and I kick off again....."
"Okay I think I've got it....I can't believe how much you know about sports!!!"


A cardinal rule for a sissy husband is no cumming without permission....not for you and not for the man whose throbbing cock is in your mouth.....

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hesitation - Sissy Training

Although the Sissy might be hesitant, you know what you want! Don't be shy.....sometimes you may have to force your sissy husband to go that one little extra step!!!!

Good To Be Home

"It's good to be home, isn't it Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"I've missed having my little maid to take care of me in the morning...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You know....I've got a little extra time this morning.....and I just happen to have my strap-on right here.....maybe we could have a quickie before I leave?"
"Oh yes.....oh yes Ma'am!!!!"

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Road Trip

There are times that I'm very thankful for self-serve gas pumps....of course that doesn't help me when my wife hands me cash instead of the credit card to pay least this cashier just smiled and didn't say anything other than "Have a safe trip!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Road Trip

"Yes Sissy you have very pretty legs...."
"You really think so?"
"You know I please stop trying to distract it for the truckers....there's one coming up now!!!"

Monday, May 15, 2017

Road Trip

Even the best road trip can get a little monotonous.....that's why we take frequent roadside breaks to work out the kinks.....

Monday ManCandy

There's a moment between asleep and awake when your dreams still seem real you can feel real you can taste them!!! A rich creamy treat to gently bid you good morning may seem like a dream too....but it's just what you need to shake off that sleepy head and get yourself going!!!
ManCandy!!! No matter how much it seems like a's the real thing!!!!

Going To Be Traveling

My wife and I are going to be traveling for the next couple of days.....I won't say exactly where we're going but I will say that if you keep your eyes open on the roads in Southern Pennsylvania you might just see a sissy at the wheel go by!!!
You can be sure my wife will make sure you'll know me if you see me!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What He Wanted

He didn't ask.....
He didn't beg or plead....
He pulled her dress up and looked her straight in the eye as he cupped her through her tiny panties.....
My wife gasped....
She moaned....
Without a word between them he tore the panties away and fucked her....hard.....
I watched and when he was spent I licked up every drop that leaked from her sweet pussy!
A week later I tried the same thing....
I grabbed her....
I didn't beg or plead....
I didn't ask....
I pulled her dress up and looked her straight in the eye as I slipped my hand over her satin covered pussy....
There was a difference though....
She started laughing....
Then she put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees....
When I pulled her panties aside and put my tongue in her...
My wife gasped....
She moaned....

He Doesn't Mind

"It's alright know how much I want you to suck a cock for me.....I've been picturing this since the day we met!!!!"
"Oh don't worry....he doesn't fact he says you can practice with him all can thank him the next time your mouth isn't full!!!!"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

First Date

"Oh my's getting all over your dress....I'm so sorry!!!"
"Don't's perfectly alright!"
"You don't mind?"
"Of course not...."
"Wow...thank you...."
"I don't mind because you're going to lick up every last drop!!!"
" don't...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


His cock inside me sent thrills through me that were indescribable....her mouth on my sensitive nipples was usually enough to drive me the same say I was in pure sissy bliss.....wouldn't be saying enough....there isn't a word to describe it....

Friday, May 12, 2017


"On your knees Sissy!"
"Head down and ass up Sissy!!!"
"Now spread them and show him that pretty jeweled plug I put in you Sissy...."
Embarrassed....yes.....humiliated....yes.....incredibly excited.....oh god yes!!!!!!



They had caught him red-handed....panties in his pocket and a skirt in his hand.....finally the panty thief was in their hands!
They thought of calling the school security but soon had a better idea...
Dressed in their clothes.....bra and panties.....skirt and done and his long hair pulled back into a ponytail he looked just like one of them!!!!
Now came the fun part....
In the locker room they made him kneel down and suck the star quarterbacks cock....they expected it to humiliate him.....but the QB had nothing but praise for his skills.....and he seemed to be really enjoying it.....
The girls were soon worried that they might have created a monster....

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Pausing at our her bedroom door I watched her licking the cock that would soon be inside her....
She had made it clear that I was to spend the night in my sissy bedroom and not disturb them.....some of her lovers just didn't appreciate what I had to offer....
But she left the door open a little and I"m only could I not pause a second to watch....
Honestly....if it was your wife sucking a big cock in your bed wouldn't you watch?????

The Dress

"It just doesn't hang on me correctly...look at how well yours fits.....I don't get it!!!"
" need boobs....the only question do we spend a couple of hundred on high quality breast forms or a couple of thousand on something more permanent?"
"But...I don't doesn't seem like enough and the other seems like too much!!!"
"Why don't you just let me decide Sissy?"
"Would you??? That would be know how I get confused!!!"
"That's why I'm here Sissy!!! I only want what's best for you!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sissy School - Competition

The competition had become almost legendary....Kaaren and Leeanne both wanted to be the one that took him all.....
Mr. Summers just smiled.....after they graduated there would be more.....honestly though these two were the best!!!

Just Relax

"It's alright Baby....just lie back and're going to love this!!!! Well I don't know about you but I'm going to love this and that's all that really matters isn't it?"
Although Sissy couldn't answer he could nod his head vigorously....
"That's nice Sissy but save it for later!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


"I need your cock Sissy....I need it so bad....I'm so wet...I need your sissy cock inside me.....I need to feel you....I need to taste your sweet cum.....can you feel my mouth on you tongue swirling over the sensitive head.....can you feel me sucking you Sissy?"
"Oh know I can't....oh my god!!!!"
"Oh....well I guess.....never mind.....just get on with your housework....."
I don't know why....maybe it was because I told her I was feeling comfortable in my chastity.....
I was decidedly uncomfortable now and for the next couple of hours too...and she had the sweetest little smile the rest of the day!!!!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"Hands on your head Billy!"
"Yes Auntie!"
"Tell me Billy which makes you feel hand or the nightie rubbing against you...."
How could he answer!!!! How could he tell her the truth!!!!
She smiled....she already knew the answer and she rubbed him against the nylon nightie just a little more....not too much....just a little....she didn't want to have any messes for him to clean up just yet!!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Need You

She was obviously frazzled from her day when she came in the door....
"Oh my god Sissy....what a day........."
She told me a story of corporate intrigue and deception but honestly I really wasn't paying attention as she peeled her clothes off....
She was just so upset about it all that finally I stopped her....
"I know just what you need to relieve that tension Sweetheart.....why don't you have a nice orgasm.....just pull your pantyhose aside..."
"But.....I've been wearing them  all day Sissy....maybe let me shower first..."
"Oh no just makes you more just relax...."
Soon enough all her cares were forgotten!!!!

Monday ManCandy

She spent almost an hour picking out just the right accessories to match her outfit and she topped it off with her favorite pearl necklace!!! Now all that she needed was some lovely, pearly, white ManCandy to complete her morning preparations!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's that little something extra to make your outfit complete!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Last Licks

All I wanted was one last taste of her sweet pussy before I put her lovers cock inside a moment or two I would be her cuck....and we both wanted it to happen....but it felt almost like I was kissing her pussy goodbye....and after she enjoyed his man-sized cock I probably was!!!!


"I love how you can be my husband and my best girlfriend at the same time?*

 * actual quote from my wife!!!