Thursday, May 31, 2018


When she commissioned him to do a portrait of us I had no idea he was going to insert himself into it.....but I guess it's OK....after all he inserted himself into everything!!!!

Sissy School - Dance Class

Not only were the sissy ballerinas amazed when Madame unveiled her "baton"....but as they each waited their turn they vied with each other to see which of them would receive this weeks creamy reward!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hump Day

Yeah you made it to Hump Day so go ahead and yell all you want!!!!

Sissies In Literature

There are things that Daniel Defoe left out of Robinson Crusoe....
He may not have told the complete truth about Friday....and how their relationship developed.....but in the years that followed his rescue there were hundreds of men who left their homes to explore those islands....and very few of them came back.....they called the natives Man Eaters and the press mistakenly thought that meant that they were cannibals!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'm Sorry

"Oh I'm sorry.....excuse me.....I just needed to....ummmm....get something....I won't be a minute.....sorry...I....ummmm....I didn't mean to interrupt you....I'll be gone in a minute...."
"You want to watch me fuck your wife Sissy?"
"Oh god yes....please?"
"Then you just kneel down in that corner and keep your hands out from under that skirt and you can watch how a man fucks your wife....."
"Thank you so much!"

Just A Little

"I know it's big Sissy....but there's just a tiny bit more to go....just relax and I'm going to push it all the way one....two...."

Monday, May 28, 2018

Holiday Barbeque

Is there anyone who doesn't like a big hot wiener in their mouth or perhaps between the buns??? I have a couple of hot ones on my special pink grill and I can't wait to get them inside me one way or the other!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

I'm really not sure of the of the SPF but I do know that it makes your skin glow all day!!!!
Maybe it won't protect you from the sun....but those other sun blocks don't taste like this and if you really need to block the sun....well there's this thing called an umbrella!!!!
ManCandy!!!! We're all about the flavor...perfect for a summer snack!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Some Iced Coffee

"Here have some iced really should hire someone to do that for'll ruin your nails...."
"Shhhh don't say that, someone might hear!"
"It's alright I told the girls and they'd like to come over and help you dress in your lace and frills....they think it's terribly exciting!!!!"
"Well I guess it would be alright...."
"And Tom and a couple of his buddies too.....honestly we all can't wait!!!!"
"What!!!! I'm not sure....."
"We'll be over at 8 dear....please don't disappoint me!!!!"
"I won't...."
"I won't what?"
"I won't....mistress"

Prom Dates

They realized that there was a need for someone to fill in for last minute prom date cancellations and so they let it be known that they'd be standing by!!!!
Josh, Micky and Mike would fill in at a moments notice for any prom date gone bad and the best thing was they didn't even want to dance....they were strictly interested in the hotel parties afterward.....they promised that they would say yes when your date said no!!!
They never imagined how many calls they'd get that night!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Quiet Time

We both love a little quiet time at home....

She Wondered

Sometimes she wondered about the panties....sure she loved pretty fact she had a drawerful of them....but they were still just underwear...most of the guys she dated didn't spend too much time looking at them, they were just in a hurry to get them off!!!!
But her husband loved them....he loved to see them, he loved to wear them, he loved to kiss them, he loved to lick them....they had such power over him....
She would probably never understand why panties meant so much to him but she was happy that they did....he always looked so cute in them!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018


Doesn't everyone want to be be wanted and desired by someone....I know I when I feel that tug on my leash, I know I'm needed and it thrills me so much that I'd get hard under my skirts....if I only could....

Happy Sissy

"Happy Sissy?"
"Mmmmm Yes Ma'am!!!!"
" do you suppose you could...."
"Suck him till he's hard again?"
"If you don't mind?"
"Anything for you Sweetheart!"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

When She Got Home

"Hi Sweetheart, how was your day?"
"Kaaren....this whole day has been just one giant pain in the ass!!!!"
"Oh poor Sweetie....let me kiss it and make it all better!"
"My goodness Kaaren, you are such a dirty girl!"
"I learned from the best Sweetheart!"
" you're a dirty girl that wants a spanking too?"
"One thing at a time Sweetie...."
Soon she forgot most of the days troubles....but she didn't forget the spanking thank goodness!!!!

Sissy School - Domestic Majors

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Sissy School Maids Academy Class of 2018!!!!
Let's give all these sissies a big hand ladies and gentlemen!!!!
They came to us as men and we have shaped and molded them into the beautiful sissy maids you see before you!!!!
They have been trained in all the domestic arts...they'll cook for you, they'll clean for you, they'll entertain your short they're perfect sissy maids!!!!
Now as we celebrate their graduation into their life of service can we start the bidding at fifty thousand?
I have fifty five do I hear sixty......sixty five....seventy.....oh I hear ninety from the Arab gentleman in the back.....ninety five....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hump Day

Hump day lets you know that no matter how relentless the pounding has been this week, you're halfway to the weekend!!!!

Just Because

Just because I'm a sissy with a tiny dick in a cage, it doesn't mean I can't fuck her....I just need a little help to do it....

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Sure....I can explain this.....when she gets home and finds me on the bed tied and gagged and caged wearing all this....sure there's a million reasonable explanations for why there's a couple of used condoms lying on the floor....sure the clothes all fit me so well but there's millions of explanations for that....
There's a million explanations but as I hear her come in the door and call my name I suddenly can't think of one.....

So Different

I spent all my years jerking off with my thumb and index finger......and I thought that was normal!!!!
Imagine my surprise the first time I got a real mans cock in my hand!!!!
I was intimidated at first....but soon I was delighted!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Royal Wedding

"Hurry Harry.....I can't wait much longer...."
"I'm having trouble with the zipper Sweetheart!"
"Do you need some help Princess?"
"Tonight Baby you're my Princess so get your royal ass in here!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's just like when your Mom used to make her famous devils food cake....that thick delicious chocolate topped with layers of rich delicious white cream....yes just like that only soooooo much better!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's so good you always want seconds!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekly Review

"Alright Sissy, now let's talk about last Tuesday....."

Sunday Brunch

Yes I's not really the traditional Sunday Brunch....but it's my favorite ....and hers too!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pride - Sissy Training

She looks with pride on her sissy husband as he rolls up his stocking to put it on properly....
All the time...
All the humiliation....
All the spanking....
It was all worth it.....he was her little sissy now....and she would praise him when he reported for inspection.....where she would cage and plug him before he started his maid duties!!!!

A Cuckolds Life

As she slowly impaled herself on that big black cock she looked back at me....kneeling in my pretty maid uniform....holding the skirt up so she could see my caged clit....
"Go set another place for dinner Sissy.....and prepare the guest'll be sleeping there tonight...."
I didn't want to leave....really....I wanted to see her fuck him....but I know better than to disobey!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Sometimes she just quietly admired her husband....kneeling in front of a man in pretty undies with a big cock in his mouth.....and she knew that he would stop when she asked him to....and he would be there to lick her clean afterwards....that took a special kind of man....


"It's just a few don't mind do you Sissy?"
"Of course not Ma'am.....I guess you couldn't find any toilet paper....again?"
"That's right Sissy....I couldn't find the toilet paper anywhere....I should spank you for not keeping my bathroom well supplied!!!"
"Whatever you think is best Ma'am.....would you like an orgasm too?"
"Well.....I guess you might as well....since you're going to be down there anyway!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....right away Ma'am!!!!"

Thursday, May 17, 2018


I don't know much about yoga but I really doubted that this was a real exercise!!!! But I have to admit she was very, very good at it.....


"Go ahead Sissy....pull on the string and you'll get the prize inside!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Little Taste

"You want to know how my date went let me give you a taste....."

Hump Day

Yes you made it to Hump need to look so surprised!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


They had promised each other there would be no secrets between them...
She had told him how much she needed to be fucked by big black cocks.....and he had told her that it kind of turned him on to watch!!!
But he still had a secret that he just couldn't bring himself to share with her....
While he was watching her he noticed....oh my god.....those were his shoes....but they couldn't be....his shoes were in the trunk in the garage with all of his lingerie and sissy just couldn't must be a coincidence....that's what he thought until after....after, when she made him lick her clean....after she made him suck his cock....after she called him "Sissy" for the first time!!!!

You Know How It Is

You know how it is....some mornings you just can't find anything to wear!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Then You Won't Mind

"But Sweetheart....I wouldn't dream of taking them off without your permission!!!!"
"Really Sissy? You mean you'll keep your nice heels on until I say you can take them off?"
"Really Sweetheart!!!"
"Then you shouldn't mind me locking them on, should you?"
"I guess not Sweetheart...."
"I guess not what Sissy?"
"I guess not Ma'am!!!"
"Very good run along and get started on your chores!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's almost funny now that you think back on it.....when your sister and her friends held you down and put that lipstick on thought that was the sexiest flavor you'd ever have on your lips although of course you didn't say that to them....
You thought nothing could top the feeling of lipstick and whenever you could you would sneak into her room and put it on again.....
You thought there was just nothing better....but now you know better!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Goes great with lipstick.....heck it goes great with anything!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Brunch

Sometimes she still goes to church on Sundays....I don't go because I'm not really religious....and I use the time while she's out to start the prep work for a lovely Sunday brunch for us!!!
I was just getting ready to start the actual cooking when I heard her come in....
She had a funny look in her eyes as she grabbed me and pushed me back onto the table....
For the next 90 minutes or so she used me in just about every way a woman can use a compliant sissy husband....all except that one thing....I remained locked throughout... I was picking up the clothes and toys that had been tossed about....she smiled contentedly....
"I needed that Sissy.....I hope you have something good planned for brunch...."
I did and I served it to her on the same table where she had just taken me and used me like a whore....
I don't go to church....but I might go next time with her....this priests sermons must be really something to get her going like that!!!!

The Third Date

By the third date he had learned the proper way to kiss her goodnight!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


"I'm trusting you Sissy.....keep your hands off of belongs to me!!!"
"I'll try...."
"You'll try!!!! Maybe I should ask your sister to come by and keep an eye on you!!!"
"No....please....I'll be good....I promise!!!"
"Alright Sissy.....I'm trusting you.....I'll know if you disobey me!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
Sissy never did realize that the whole house was full of hidden security cams!!!!

Loud and Proud

They both had been pretty vocal about their orgasms.....if they had been a little louder perhaps the neighbors across the street would have heard about his big cock or her hot pussy....
As always it's my delightful job to clean up after but I still have to smile when I wonder how many of the neighbors actually did hear them and how many of them thought she was screaming about my big cock!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2018


She slipped into bed next to me....
"What are you doing Sissy?"
"Just looking at my e-mail...,"
"Anything interesting?"
"No.....not really....."
"So nothing that can't wait?"
"No....nothing that can't wait....why do you ask?"
"I want to cuddle with my special girl and I don't want any distractions...."
She laughed when she heard my phone hit the floor....
"You know you'll get a spanking if you broke it....."
"Wait....let me go get it and I'll throw it harder...."
We laughed.....and then she took me in her arms.....


Of course I heard her leave....but my morning practice wasn't done until the alarm she'd set went off....
Sometimes she set it for five minutes....sometimes she set it for an hour or more...
I guess I could just stop....she'd never know that I disobeyed her.....but I would and I'd feel terrible about it and would eventually end up confessing later....and as bad as the spanking would be, the look of disappointment on her face would be so much worse!!!
So I'll just keep sucking till that alarm goes off....I kind of enjoy it anyway....I do miss getting a creamy reward for all my efforts...but I guess you can't have everything!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Come In Here Sissy

"Come in here right now Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am?"
"Tell me why you need to be spanked right now?"
"Just because...."
"Exactly right Sissy now panties down and over my knees!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

The Cuckolds Life

Even after all these years, seeing my wife get fucked hard by a real man still turns me on!!! And like so many of you my first impulse is to stroke it.....
That's why she has me wear the chastity cage....because even now I can't control those she controls them for me!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hump Day

Hump Day again and you would've never made it without all that support!!! When things are hard that's when you count on your friends!!!!


I hear her clear her throat softly....I really can't be sure if he heard her or not....and when I glance her way she's showing me her empty coffee cup!!!!
I had a moment of I was with a cock in my mouth when I should be taking care of her early morning needs!!!!
But she winked and smiled at me and turned around to make her own....then turned back to watch the show!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Three Hours

He still had three hours to think up an explanation for how he had locked himself out of the house in her new was going to be an interesting night when she got home!!!

What Did You Think

"Honestly Sissy.....when I told you my sister wanted to fuck you....what did you think I meant?"

Monday, May 7, 2018

The First Time

The first time you wore lipstick when you kissed you remember the thrill!!!

Monday ManCandy

Ever since the company added it to the menu in the cafeteria, the company had reaped major bonuses!!!
Productivity was up!!!!
Morale was sky high!!!
Absenteeism was at record lows!!!
The staff was more motivated, energetic and focused than ever before....and it was all because of that special creamy treat.....
ManCandy!!!! Goal oriented motivation for the corporate world!!!!