Monday, September 30, 2013

Once Accepted

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Monday ManCandy

Why is this Sissy smiling,,,,why not? Sissy knows that the best way to start the day is with a healthy dose of protein, served fresh and warm!

Hurry Sissy

Hurry Sissy, I was starting to leak right through them! Lick me clean first then you can clean up my panties!!!

The Groom Didn't Mind

The groom didn't mind too much, He was number 6 in line to have his new bride so he wouldn't have too long to wait. At least he wasn't back there at the end of the line, god it might take her hours to get to that poor bastard!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Meeting

I was wading in the water when I heard a splash nearby. I turned and found myself staring at her. I felt my uncaged clit grow so much larger than it ever had before as I watched hers grow to equal dimensions.
"Hello Kaaren," she said in a soft sexy voice, "I'm so glad to meet you in person at last!"
"Oh my god, it's you. I have wanted you so much for so long and here you are, it's a dream come true!"
"Come here you sweet Sissy, come here and we can make sweet love all day and all night."

I moved toward her but the tide seemed to push me away. The harder I tried the further away it pushed me. I saw her smile fade and she waved to me as I moved further and further away no matter how hard I struggled until in frustration I yelled "No, please!!!!"

I guess it was my shouting that woke me, I had my pillow between my legs and all I could think of was how close I had come and the beauty that I had seen! Dreaming again....sigh....

It's Sunday! Game Day Sissy!

It's Game Day Sissy!
Suit up, your friends will be here soon to watch the game with you!

Who Wouldn't

Honestly, who wouldn't take a nice long lick of that cock if they were in that position? I can't imagine anyone not doing it, perhaps that's why I'm a sissy but it just looks so lickable!

Her Special Girl

Oh my god Kaaren, watching you makes me so hot!!!!Thank you for being my special cocksucking girl!

Her Scent

Her scent was so string on his fingers, it made my mouth water. I couldn't wait to see how much his cock tasted like her!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

He Followed Me Home

He followed me home....can I keep him? I promise I'll take really, really, really good care of him?

I Think They're Perfect

Your sweet little tits are just perfect Kaaren, not as big as mine but they are still lovely. I love to wrap my tongue around those hard little nipples. Let nature take care of it, no fake tits allowed in our house Sissy....

Friday is Date Night - Staying In

I was very surprised when she told me she was staying in on a Friday night....usually she would go out and then bring her lover home to fuck while I waited for my creamy cuckold treat.
Instead she told me she wanted to spend some girl time with me!

We went to bed and ralked for a while but I knew she was thinking about something else...

Finally she reached into her drawer and pulled out her strap-on...."I don't have a date tonight but I still want to fuck! Come here you adorable little sissy...

She rubbed my ass as she pushed her cock into the tight entrance....

I groaned in pain and pleasure as she pushed past my resistance and entered me...

She went slowly as she pushed inch after inch of her cock inside pain turning to pleasure...

Now she began fucking me, my caged clitty dripping as she hit all the right places....

As she fucked me I felt my release coming...caged or not I was going to cum....""Cum for me Kaaren," she whispered, "Cum like the special girl you are!" With a final deep thrust I felt myself slip over the edge into an intense orgasm....if this was how women felt when they came I would gladly stay in chastity forever!

She pulled out of me leaving me feeling empty, a void I hoped she'd fill again soon. dropping her cock on the floor she allowed me to return the favor and use my tongue to give her the pleasure my tiny clit can't...

I'm so very happy that tonight....I was her date

Friday, September 27, 2013

Nobody Really Knew

Nobody really knew the depraved private thoughts that went through Betty's mind. First she'd put Archie in her panties and then she'd enslave him completely! And if Veronica tried to interfere....well she had more than one leash!

Sometimes When She's With Her Date

Sometimes when she's with her date I end up alone with my Teddy. He's a sweet old Teddy that I've had for many many years. And he is a persuasive bear, I don't think many other bears could seduce me like him!!!!

Sometines She Doesn't Need My Help

I've got this one Sissy no need for you right now...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You Just Have To Relax Sissy

You just have to relax Sissy, remember this is what you wanted. He's not any bigger than my strap-on and you know how much you love when I fuck your cute little ass with that. You're just nervous...

Kiss me sweet Sissy and feel how wonderful it is to have a big mans cock inside you, I know you'll learn to love it!!!!

No I Will Not

No Sissy, I will not remove your cage! I don't understand why you're even asking. Now get back over here and kneel down and polish the toes on my other foot. And stop that whimpering!

Even I Can't Tell Kaaren

It's so wonderful that your little clit is so small that you can hide it so easily. I love the flat front of your panties and the tiny bump I feel between your legs. I always want you like this...I always want you to be my special girl!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Actually I Meant

When I said you should put him in a cage I thought you knew I meant a chastity cage....but I guess this is good too!

Sissy In The Kitchen - Cooking

Of course it goes without saying that I handle all the kitchen duties while she relaxes after a hard day at work. I have learned through painful experience just how cross she can be if I serve the food with stains on my dress. At first I thought the apron would be enough until that unfortunate beef stroganoff incident!
Now my dress is safely put aside on a hanger while I cook, she also enjoys this as she fondles my bottom when she comes through the room to get more wine!

Kaaren I'm Just So Tense

Kaaren I'm just so tense today, I can't seem to relax...

Can you give me a massage baby? You know how I like it...
I knew exactly how she liked to be massaged and I loved doing this for her....

Drop And Give Me Twenty!

Obviously her date was an ex-marine! I expected to give him a little suck just to get him hard for her but he had other ideas!
As he battered my throat he kept his marching rhythm  "1, 2, 3, 4, Suck my cock you fucking whore"
How many push ups could he do?!?!?!?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Get Jealous Too

Watching him casually stroke her thigh while I stand by, silently watching. My sissy clit straining in the cage under my maids dress. He strokes her thigh but he looks at me as if waiting for me to challenge him. He smirks as I avert my gaze downward just before I hear her gasp as his hand reaches it's goal.

Are You Paying Attention Sissy?

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Remember Me Coach

Pure fantasy, yet somehow very satisfying!!!

Remember me Coach, I was that boy in your gym class that was so bad at sports? The one you said was a sissy who should join the cheerleaders?
So how do you think I look in my cheerleaders uniform? No the cheerleaders didn't want me either, but I do so love the uniform, don't you?
Well I may not have joined them but I learned some of their routines, including the high kick!
Let me demonstrate for you...

One's Going In Your Mouth

One's going in your mouth Sissy, see if you can guess where the other one's going?

Monday, September 23, 2013

White and Creamy

Dripping on my hands and smeared over my lips, mmmmmm it tastes sooo good!
I do usually prefer my creamy treats warmer but this is good too!

Monday ManCandy

Drizzled from above....good for your skin and tastes great too! What more could anyone want!

Sissy School - 1962 Alumni Stories

"Oh my god, Sandy is that you?"
"Tammy? Jan? oh god it's so good to see you girls again!"
The sissies sat and had drinks as they relived old times. They drifted into a discussion of fashion which provoked many laughs.
"Oh my god," Jan laughed "do you remember the giant panties....we thought they were so sexy then!"
"They were only sexy for the 2 minutes it took a boy to get you to drop them!" said Sandy.
They laughed.
"Too true," said Jan, "but if I recall correctly the only reason you kept your panties on was because you were so busy sucking boys cocks they never had time to get to them!"
"Now behave you two," said Tammy, "or I'll have to see if the dean is interested in spanking some naughty girls!"
"If he does at least he won't find gigantic panties under my skirt!" exclaimed Jan.
"Or mine," agreed Tammy.
"Why don't we go up to my room and we can compare who's wearing the sexiest panties?" asked Sandy.
The other two grinned. Sandy hadn't changed at all after all these years!

The Sissies Were Thrilled

The sissies were thrilled when their wives said they were taking them to a strip club! They couldn't believe it when their cages were removed just outside the door of the club!!!
They started to get concerned when they were led into a side door and they were shocked to find out that, in this club, they were the entertainers and the audience would be their friends and co-workers!
"You will put on a good show, we expect to see you doing what sissies do best, but don't you dare cum or we'll put you back in your cages and throw away the keys!"

I'd Love To Have One of Those!

I just love this!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Sunday Sissy

I know you're not really interested in sports, except maybe to see the cute men in their tight pants, but Sunday is game day.
I invited all the men from the pub and I set up special seating downstairs. I'm sure you'll appreciate all the trouble I've gone too so you can do a little male bonding. I even put down a soft mat so your cute knees won't get tired, I think you'll be spending quite some time on them!

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

Goodbye summer with your warming sunshine, days at the beach, walks in the woods, sex on the grass!

Hello autumn with your beautiful colors and your cool crispy air, harvest festivals, apple nipples are hard from your cool breezes and I'm glad you're here...


I'm sorry, what did you say? I seem to be having trouble hearing....

Wide Open

Even though she still had her pretty pink panties on everyone could still see her wide open pussy!!!

Sissy School - Homecumming

The Sissy School Homecumming festivities officially began with a welcome from the Sissy Glee Club...

This was followed by an exhibition of the Sissy Precision High Heel Drill Team...

Then came the introduction of this years Sissy Queen! This year it was the oldest living alumni, Sissy Marie of the class of 1939! She regaled the audience with stories including a very funny story about how her entire class needed some time after the bell before they could leave "like ladies without things poking our skirts out", after their "Introduction to Oral Sex" class

Then the sissies were invited to participate in the newest event, the "Sissy Maid 5K Run"

The formal festivities at an end for today, the alumni sissies retired to the hotel where there was much more entertainment provided for them

The sissies were thrilled to find a wall of cocks available for their use...

And that the hotel had provided entertainment to serve at the tables....

The DJ kept the party going well into the night and the gloryhole wall was very busy, the young men in town had volunteered by the dozen but they were soon becoming exhausted by the voracious appetites of the sissies!

But as the night wore down the sissies settled down, old acquaintances were renewed...

And some new, although surely temporary, friends were made...

The party ended with a group of very happy sissies who were very happy they had returned to celebrate and enjoy being the sissies they are!