Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meeting Some Friends

"I'm going out tonight to meet some friends Sissy let me make sure you're safe and secure!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

You Know That Moment

The head is in and now you're waiting for the rest!!!! A short sharp thrust or a slow gentle entry....either one will satisfy!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bedroom Humiliation - Going Through The Motions

Even though I'm caged and haven't had least with me inside her....for so long I almost don't remember the last disastrous time I tried.....she likes to make me practice the motion om my pillow! She says I have to keep in practice....she makes me talk to the pillow as if it were a dirty whore that I'm fucking while she and her lover almost hurt themselves laughing as they watch!!!!
Humiliating....extremely!!!! Exciting.....Oh yes!!!!


Once she was inside him she wanted him to know what it was like to be fucked!!!!! He was moaning but she wanted him to be moaning like a little bitch in heat!!!! She was planning on making him  her girl in one she wasn't just going to fuck him....she was going to thoroughly fuck him until he was begging for more!!!! Then he would be the Sissy whore she wanted him to be!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sissies Through History - Fiction or Fact

"While you're here at Thornhill you will be required to attend to all of the masters sexual desires, no matter how you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Very good....what is your name?"
"John....John Eyre."
"Oh that will never do.....we can't have a John sucking on the Masters Johnson can we......I think Jane would be better.....for the time you are here you shall be Jane Eyre!"
"I agree, as long as we keep it just among us in the house!!!"
"Of course Jane!!!! Let me have Charlotte show you to your need to worry Charlotte is discrete...all she does is scribble in her notebooks....I'm sure your time here will never be known to anyone but us!"
"Thank You Ma'am!"
"The Master likes to be sucked at dinner so you can begin right away!"

Far Away

I could tell by the faraway  look in her eyes that the hypnotic tape had done its job!!!!
Soon I would be wearing all the bras that she no longer wanted!!!
I couldn't wait to get the next 47 tapes! It looks like it might be the best investment I ever made!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


When her lover came to check on my progress it was obvious only one of us was going to finish soon!!!!


Sissy threw open the curtains and saw the gray and drizzly day....and smiled....wearing his soft Babydoll....feeling it around was another glorious day!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Lifestyle

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

"Okay Priyanka, if you want to get ahead in America you have to learn what the American male expects from you!"
"That's just like back in India!"
"Yes but here it's the woman who controls the male!"
"That's just like back in India!"
"But here we make them bend over for us so that....."
"They understand their place in the relationship....just like back in India!"
"I don't see any problem for you in adapting to life here, here's your Green Card, welcome to the United States!"
"Thank you so can I finish with him?"
" fact I'll join you!!!"

Monday, April 25, 2016

Batman Vs Superman - The End

In the end it turned out that Lois Lane was more powerful than the Detective and the Alien!!! Both of them had suffered from the loss of their Mommy in childhood and both had needed a strong female to put them in their place!!!!
As Batman slid his manhood into her he spared a glance and a smile at his rival....who was now pulling Lois' discarded panties on over his blue tights...

Monday ManCandy

It's that exact moment....I'm sure you all know it...your mouth is full of that creamy delicious treat we all crave....and you may swirl it around a bit tasting how delicious it is.....maybe you swallow just a little....but just having your mouth full makes you smile....we all know that joy as that warm mouthful slowly slides down into your makes your day that much brighter!!!
ManCandy!!!! It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

That's Not Why

Her lover told me he wanted to watch her cum before he took her....he wanted me to make my wife cum for was a special kind of humiliation that I felt as I knelt before her and did my best to give her an orgasm that would impress him and delight her!!!!
That wasn't why I was nervous.....when he pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties I was exposed and vulnerable as I tried not to let it distract me from my assignment!!!!
Then I heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper opening.....and I wondered....what was coming next!!!!

Sunday Morning

Most people set aside Sunday for worship and my wife and I are no different....I'm so glad that we can worship together!!!! He seemed to enjoy it too!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Are You Ready Sissy

"Are you ready Sissy!!!!!"
"That sounds like yes to me!!!! Let's spin the wheel!!!!!"

Sissy Bitch

"Suck it you Sissy's big and black just like my mans cock.....just like the cock your wife is sucking right now!!!!"

Friday, April 22, 2016


Your wife is so wet Sissy....she's so ready for my you see.....I can feel her juices oozing through her panties...onto my fingers....she is so hot....she is ready for a cock to make her cum....maybe you want to fuck her as much as I do....I bet you want to fuck her more than I long has it been Sissy...since you took her like a man....did you ever.....oh look Sissy....she's cumming on my fingers.....she's cumming in her panties.....I want you to suck them while I fuck her....lick up her cum before you lick up mine.....


He was so nervous....he had folded the same dish towel six or seven times already.....
He heard the women's voices through the kitchen door and he realized his wife had left him no options!!!!
If he went out the back door the men at the barbecue  would be very surprised to see him like this!!!!
There was only one way to reach the stairs or the bathroom or the laundry room and that was through the living room where the ladies were all talking and laughing!!!!
It was only a matter of time.....
When he heard his wife call him to come meet the girls he knew he was going to be exposed and humiliated...and he had never been more excited in his life!!!!
Smoothing down his dress and hands at his sides he moved to the doorway, and taking a deep breath, stepped through to "meet the girls"!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good Morning

Before he said goodbye her lover stopped by my sissy bedroom to say good morning!!!!
Oh yes....if every morning started this way every morning would be a good morning!!!

I Love This Dress

It's amazing!!!! I could try and hail a cab for hours and they pass me by but when I put on my little red dress and my bright red lipstick suddenly I have cabdrivers fighting over who saw me first!!!
Never underestimate the power of a short dress, high heels and red lipstick!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

After A Hard Day

After a hard day at work she loves to be met at the door by her sissy husband kneeling obediently as she ordered!!!
She get's out of her work clothes and relaxes  with a martini that her devoted sissy husband has made for her!!!!
Then to help her unwind her Sissy licks her beautiful rosebud until she feels refreshed...sometimes it takes a few minutes...sometimes it takes a few hours!!!!!
Sissy doesn't mind....he she is devoted to her pleasure....

The Decision

After hearing the soft click of the lock Sissy had to make the decision!!! Give up all his rights to his own body.....never cum again without her permission....submit to her completely!!!!
He held the key for what may be the very last time and slowly he placed it into her outstretched hand!!! His body was hers to do with as she pleased!!!!
She smiled! "You've made the right decision Sissy!!! Just think that from now on all the hard decisions will be mine!!!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Special Panties

"Hi...your ex-girlfriend told me how you liked to wear her panties and well....I think you're kind of cute so I was wondering......I was wondering if, maybe you'd like to, maybe get together and see a movie or something....I would let you wear my panties, if you want!!!!!"
"I'd love to!!!"
"Wear my panties or hang out on Friday?"
"She also told me about how you used to make know.....make her cum....with your tongue....she said your cock was too small for her....but your tongue was.....well you know!!!!"
"I'd love to show you right now if you want!!!"
"Really? Okay...I'd like that...."
"Me too!!!"

Just Lie Still

"Just lie still Sissy...let me do all the work!!!"
"Yes Sir!!!!!"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Is This Your First Time

"Is this your first time with a sissy?"
"Yes....I never met anyone like you before!!!"
"I promise you'll never forget it!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It was such a wonderful gesture by her sissy husband!!!! She was always so rushed on Monday morning but he offered to cut quite a few minutes from her regular routine!!!! He spent the night gathering copious amounts of ManCandy for her and kept it warm in his mouth until she was ready!!!! It was a very efficient way for her to get what she needed and still have a few extra minutes to spare!!! She was so glad that she gave her sissy a great big kiss before fitting the gag back in place....there was no point in wasting any after all!!!
ManCandy!!!! As the saying goes...Happy wife, happy life!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pretty Eyes

"Oh Baby your eyes are so pretty!!! I'm so glad you let me make you up like this!!!"
"Well it's just us....I figured if you really wanted too...."
"Yeah Baby...just you and'll be our secret!"
"To tell you the truth this is making me kind of hot..."
"I can tell....but try to control yourself till Stacy gets here okay?"
"What the hell I thought it was just you and me!!!!"
"Calm down Baby, Stacy is bringing over her pretty blonde wig!!! She loves that wig so you be nice when she gets here....I've always had a kind of fantasy about making it with a pretty blonde!!"
"Okay....I guess...if it's just you and me.....and Stacy....I guess that's okay...."
"And Claire and Ashley are bringing lingerie and shoes......oh and Linda is bringing a couple of don't mind do you?"
"But I thought you said it was just private between us?"
"Well it is......except for Stacy, Claire, Ashley and Linda....and's completely  private....just between us...."
"Wait....who's Jeremy???"
"Never you be quiet while I finish your makeup!!!"

Hands Off Sissy

"Maybe when you started wearing pretty panties you did it because you liked how they felt on you....but now you wear panties because I like how they feel on keep your hands off while I enjoy myself and don't you dare cum....I'll let you know when you're allowed to cum!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sissy School - The Early Years

Ah....those were the days when Kaaren and Leeane were young and innocent!!!! Well...young at least!!!


He didn't know it but his hand stroking along her bra was turning Sissy on almost as much as having his cock in her mouth!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Something Every Young Girl Should Know

"Are you sure Mom? That's what boys really like? What's it called again?"
"It's called Pegging Dear and every boy I ever dated loved it!!!"
"Every boy? Does that mean that Daddy...."
"Your Daddy loved it the most and he still does!!!!! If yo take your man like this I guarantee you he'll be devoted to you forever!!!"
"Gosh Mom! Thanks....I'll try it with Bobby on Saturday night!!!"
"That's my off to bed....I want to go over something with your father!!!"
"Oh Mom! You are so bad!!!"
"Yes....but your Daddy loves me that way!!!!"

So You See

"So you see ladies...even though he doesn't even touch his penis he is hard and ready to have an orgasm just from wearing his wife's panties!!! His arousal is at a fever pitch even though he is not allowed to stroke himself....why I bet we might even witness a sissy orgasm if we're lucky.....I think he might squirt into his wife's pretty pink panties....and if he does what comes next ladies?"
In unison the assembled wives answered.....
"Make him suck them clean!!!!"
"Very good let's wait and see!!!!"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Been Busy

I see you've been very busy today Sissy....the house looks wonderful and I'm sure it will pass my white glove inspection this fact you weren't the only one who had a busy day today.....get your face between my legs and see if you can guess what I've been doing all day!!!!

When They Came Home

I heard them come in....and soon she would come and get me to do my sissy duty....I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Accidental Discovery

Sissy was just doing his regular housework, polishing the furniture while he thought about the man who fucked his beautiful wife last night.....his cum had tasted so good as he licked his wife clean...ah well....he turned his attention back to the task at hand and as he cleaned the small cabinet he found it!!!!
It was just lying there....could this be where it had been all it couldn't be....he had cleaned this cabinet every few days since she had made him into her housemaid!!!!
It was there.....and he so wanted to use it.....but she would know wouldn't she....she'd know....she always knew when he tried to keep something from her....but he could.....he wanted it so badly....but was it worth it...she'd be mad and he'd feel so horribly guilty.....
Slowly Sissy shut the drawer.....somehow she felt as if she'd passed a test......the next time he looked he was sure the key to his chastity wouldn't be there....he smoothed his dress and continued with his cleaning.....although the thought of that key being there filled his head the rest of the day!!!!

What Were You Thinking

"God Damn It....did you think I didn't mean it....when I said I want you waiting for me by the door in that pink bra and panty set I laid out when I get home...did you think I was kidding? Did you think being naked when I got home was anything that I wanted....did you think that I needed to see that pathetic little dicklette after a long days work....when I say wear a bra and panties I mean it!!!!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oh My Goodness

"Oh my goodness Sissy...I'd forgotten all about this little thing.....well...that really doesn't matter does it....after all I want to cum and this won't help me with that will slide down there and get that tongue busy and we'll both forget about that useless little thing!!!!"


"Oh, there you are....I've been waiting for you!"
The startled man stopped and gasped in surprise!
"Are you talking to me Miss? I don't believe we've met!"
"My name is Rose and this is my shop!"
He glanced at the shop window before turning back to the beautiful woman!
"And you were waiting for me?"
"Every day for the past two months I've seen you stop and look in my shop window!!! You look for a while and then you leave.....every time...sometimes you seem like you're lost as you just stare!!! But you never come in!!!!"
"Well....I....I was just...."
"I sell the most exquisite and beautiful lingerie from around the world....I'm sure the lady in your life would love to get a special gift like that....I pride myself on personal service and I'm sure that together we could find that special thing that will make her the happiest woman in town!"
"I....uh...I ....I don't have a lady in my life at the moment I'm sorry to say!"
"Oh that's too bad a nice looking man like you.....then why were you.....oh wait I think I see....the woman in your see her every day don't you? You see her every time you look in the mirror!! Why don't you come into my shop and I'll pull down the shades and we'll see if, together, we can find some things that will make her the happiest woman in town!!!"
"I.....I've never....I .....Is it really okay?"
She took his hand and guided him into the shop that fueled his fantasies!!! She pulled down the window shades and locked the door....
"It won't be okay will be fantastic!!!"

Monday, April 11, 2016

Just A Few Minutes

"Alright Baby, just give me a few minutes....I just need to do his wig and makeup and finish dressing him and then he's all yours!!"
"Yes you're right...them she will be all yours!!"

Monday ManCandy

You're dressed and ready to go....You've done your hair and makeup and you've got your purse and keys....but there's something you've forgotten!!!! You can't believe you almost left without that special energy boosting serving of may delay you for a couple of minutes but just the feeling as it spurts into your mouth makes the wait worthwhile!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Guaranteeing you a better day if you start it the ManCandy way!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


She had been doing the yoga class for a while and she seemed so flexible now!!!! Remembering all those times I nearly broke my neck trying to suck my own cock when I was younger I had to ask...
"Do you think you could ever get so flexible that you could lick your own pussy?"
She looked at me strangely then started to laugh!!!!
"On my God Sissy.....I never really thought about it and I've certainly never tried it....I mean if I want a tongue in my pussy, that's what you're here for isn't it.....I guess if I could lick it myself I wouldn't need you at all!!!!"
"I'm glad you still need me!!"
She glanced at her pussy....just inches away from her mouth and smiled.....
"Yes Sissy, for now I still need you!!!!"


After I had seen him take my wife all I could think of was how much I wished he would take me too!!!
As I licked his cum from her I confided how jealous I was that she had his magnificent cock inside her!!!
She must have told him because i soon found myself with that big cock splitting me open!!!! It was was wonderful!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Special Panties

"Do you recognize the scent Sissy?"
"No Ma'am."
"Think back Sissy!!!! You breathed this scent in so many times...."
"I don't know...."
"Sissy these are your sister's borrowed them for almost two months when you were young.....and somehow you thought she wouldn't notice!!!!"
"Maybe I...."
"Sissy, we talked about this for hours....she knew....she knew all along..... she never caught you ....she was impressed at how careful you were to avoid exposure....but she knew just the same!!!!"
"But she couldn't....."
"Sissy she told me how she used to cum in her panties at night and leave them on top of all the dirty clothes in the laundry hamper so you could get them....but she never got what she wanted most!!!!"
"What was that?"
"To see you in her panties, she thought that would have been the best thing ever!!!!"
"And these are hers..."
"Yes Sissy, she just sent them to me.....put them in your mouth and let me send her a picture!!!"
"Is that what she said she wanted?"
"Yes....but that's not all Sissy....she wants a picture of you wearing them too!!!!!"
"Do you think I should?"
"Yes I do Sissy!!!"
"Okay I'm ready!!!"

Sloppy Secomds

She was busy fucking his friend while I fluffed him....he tasted like her....she was still full of his hot cum while his friend took his turn....getting sloppy seconds!!!! I hoped there would be a pause so I could get a chance to lick her clean but whenever she brought home two I usually had to wait until they had both gone twice.....not that I'm complaining....I'll take their sloppy seconds, thirds or only makes it better!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Different Signals

When I was in college if her panties were hanging on the door it meant my roomie had company and I should find someplace else to sleep that night!
In our house it's a little our house if I find panties hanging on the door it means that I should put them on and come kneel quietly while she fucks her lover and be ready to clean them up afterwards!!!!

20 Minutes

20 Minutes a's a short workout but it keeps a Sissy in shape....

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Her Date

"You make sure I'm squeaky clean there date may want to put his tongue there later!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
":Less talk Sissy....get that tongue deep in there!!!!"


Do you remember the first time you held one that big? It was so different from what I had that I couldn't even imagine anyone would ever consider us to be the same sex!!!!
But it filled my hand and soon after, it filled my mouth and ever since it's filled my dreams!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Loan

"Alright Sissy....thanks for the can have your wife back now.....I'm finished!!!"
"Thank you Sir!!!"