Monday, February 29, 2016

Chin Up

Chin up Sissy!!! Our guests will be here soon!!!

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes a good thing can be made better!!!
You want it hot and ready on Monday morning....and we're there!!!
You want it creamy and delicious....and we're there!!!!
You want to get a little sugar rush....and we're there!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Chocolate on the outside...but it's the creamy center that will satisfy you!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016


"Oh.....poor seem so let me get rid of these tight panties....doesn't that feel better?"
"On no need to thank me Sissy they were in the way don't you go anywhere while I go get the strap-on...I think the red one this time....I love that one and I think you do too!!!!

Freedom To Worship

In the good old USofA you have a constitutionally protected right to worship however you choose!!!
And I know what I choose!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


He didn't know what was more humiliating....being spanked and crying like a little girl or looking at the neighbors bemused smile as his wife corrected his behavior!!!!
Soon he would pull up his panties and cover his shame, but they would all have a vivid memory of this afternoon!!!!


You knelt there and watched him fuck your wife!!!!
You knelt there and listened to her moan and beg for more!!!!
You knelt there as she came on his cock....over and over and over!!!
You knelt there as he pumped his cum into her...his animal grunts barely heard over her screams!!!!
But now....
Now it was your turn Sissy!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016


He loved it, but much more importantly she loved it!!!!
And as he kissed that cock he knew how pleased she was!!!!
Just before he took her lover into his mouth to suck him for her he remembered....
Happy wife...happy life!!!!

I'n So Sorry Baby

"Oh Sissy....I'm so sorry....I don't know what came over me...I'd had too many drinks and I wasn't myself.....Oh poor Baby you must be so mad at me..."
"No...Sweetheart I could never be mad at you..."
"But Sissy.....I made you do it....I know you would only ever do it if I made you do it....please....I'm so sorry!!!!"
"Actually Honey, it wasn't so bad! To tell the truth it's been a deep dark fantasy of mine since like forever!!!!"
"You mean...."
"I mean, I may not want to repeat it anytime soon but I loved the look on your face when you let go!!!! Let's just say that the next time you've had one too many that I may be open to more than you think!!!"
"Oh Sissy.....that's so hot.....get over here and make me cum!!!!"
"Your wish is my command Sweetheart!!!"

Thursday, February 25, 2016

She's Not Home

"I'm sorry she's not home right now!"
"When is she expected?"
"Not for hours I'm afraid...there's a special project or some such thing and she said she would be late!"
"That's certainly disappointing...I had something I really wanted to give her today and I'll be leaving town shortly..."
"Well....give it to me and I'll be sure to give it to her with your complements when she gets home tonight"
"Alright Sissy, let's step inside and I'll give you what I was going to give her!!!!"


Okay....if it's really that important to can wear my panties....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Middle

With her lover on one side and her Sissy husband on the other she writhed in pleasure!!! There were hands and lips and tongues and there was a big cock that was hard for her!!!! Soon Sissy would help her undress him and wait while he fucked her!!! While he made her cum!!!
Later...after he'd gone....Sissy would cuddle with her and then slide down her beautiful body to claim his reward between her thighs! And she would cum again for her Sissy husband....and again and again until his jaw ached and she could take no more....and then they would each others arms....content and satisfied!!!!

Alright Sissy!

"Alright Sissy....just remember to sit while you pee....and for gods sake wipe up afterwards....I don't want to see any drippies in your pretty pink panties!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You know what Sissy, I think I'll stay and make sure you do it right!!!!! You go ahead now!!!!"
"'re going to stay and watch? I'm not sure if I can pee with you watching!!!!"
"Well then you're eventually going to explode I guess!!!! I've watched you sucking cocks...I've watched you getting fucked....hell I've fucked you myself more times than I can remember....I've watched you lick a strangers cum off of my foot for gods sake!!!! Now you're getting shy???"
"I'll try Ma'am!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just This Once

He heard the door slam downstairs and he heard her moving about!
Soon she would be on the stairs....
He looked in the mirror again and decided...
Just this once he wouldn't run and hide!!!
Just this once he would let her see how pretty he could be!!!
Just this once he would trust her to love him no matter what!!!
She was on the stairs and soon he would know...
He was trembling as the door opened and her eyes widened....


I gasped as her cock slammed into me again!!!! She was splitting me wide open and it was ....wonderful!!!! She had been the one...the one I desired since we met years ago!!!! She had lured me and had used her wiles to draw me in....and her pictures.....oh my many times I would have cum if I hadn't been caged.....every nerve in my body....every tiny move she made was sending me closer and closer to the peak of ecstasy!!!!!
She thrust into me over and over...again and again and I knew I would cum....I knew she would make me cum.....I loved her and she would make me cum.....

"Kaaren....wake up.....what the hell....a wet dream at your age!!!! Change the sheets! Change your panties and come downstairs for a spanking....and I want to see those wet panties in your mouth!!!!"

If only I could go back....just a few minutes....if only I could feel her cum inside would all be worth it.....

Monday, February 22, 2016

Just A Warm Up

"It's just a reminder of all the fun we had Sissy!!! I think maybe we should see if they have a winter program at Baby Pony Ranch!!!! I can see you now,
pulling that sleigh!!!! You'd like that wouldn't you?  Oh....I guess we'll talk after I remove the bit and harness! Maybe we'll just do a couple of laps in the yard to see how I like it!!!"

Monday ManCandy

"Alright we are ready to test our new Virtual Delivery System! Engage the know before we go to market we're going to have to change that....prepare to soon as you're ready all you have to do is click on run and our system should deliver a nice warm serving of delicious ManCandy just click once....just once...stop...oh my god you're overloading the system....shut it down!!!! Shut it down!!!!"
"It's too late it's gonna blow!!!!"
"No time for double entendres!!!!Run for your life!!!!"

ManCandy!!!!! The old fashioned way works just fine!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Since the football season ended there is plenty of time on Sunday for us to relax and wind down before it all starts again on Monday!!! The only thing better than a nice hot bath together is making her cum in a nice hot bath!!!! Sunday dinner always tastes better with the taste of her still lingering on my tongue!!!

You See Kaaren

"You see Kaaren, I told you this hotel had the best room service in town!!!!"
"I know Sissy....we'll talk later!!!!"

Saturday, February 20, 2016

In A Few Moments

In a few moments his girlfriend was going to turn to him and she expected him to suck that cock like she was doing!!!! He had let her dress him up, make him up, and now it was time to pay her back!!!! She said he would love it....she said it wasn't that big a deal....she said she couldn't wait to watch that cock sliding in and out of his mouth....
He watched her as she sucked that cock and he wondered if he could do it...
She turned and smiled at him...
"Your turn now Baby!!!!"


I heard the car pull into the driveway and I hurried to get into position!!!! Seams straight and heels on I rushed to get to the door before her!!! If I wasn't ready....pretty...and  on my knees, her lover would get to see me get a spanking before he fucked my wife!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

In All Her Glory

She strode into the bedroom where her lover waited on her bed! She stood before him and let him see what he was going to have!
His eyes scanned over her beautiful face....her eyes smoldering with desire for him....down to her lips, parted and wet...her red lipstick highlighting them beautifully....down to the neck he would kiss to drive her mad....down to her perfect breasts, her nipples already standing at rigid attention....down that soft belly that he so looked forward to feeling against his own as they ground against each other....down to where her sex was perfectly framed by her garters...her legs spread already, he could see the moisture glistening betraying her excitement!!!!
Then down a little further to make eye contact with me as I knelt behind her waiting to see her make me a cuckold again!!! His smirk only made the humiliation complete!!!! God how I loved it!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl my friends and I used to practice kissing with each other!!!! We wanted to be sure we didn't kiss our boyfriends wrong or weird or anything!!! I can't speak for the other girls but most of the time when we finished I was a little breathless and my panties were very wet!!!!
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy who loved lipstick as much as me and when I kissed him and got breathless and wet I could have him do something about it!!!! Something wonderful!!! I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


When she told her husband she wanted a threesome he was thrilled!!!
When the time came it was fantastic! She loved having two cocks!!! One in her mouth and one in her pussy!!!! It was the fulfillment of one of her favorite fantasies and she was so glad her husband allowed her to indulge like this!!!!
Her husband was also thrilled!!! A threesome with his wife was one of his greatest fantasies too! As she opened her mouth and sucked that cock he watched so intently and when the other guy slipped into her pussy he couldn't help but cum in his panties as he enjoyed the show!!!!

Every Time

His girlfriend thought it was funny....
Every time a cock hit the back of his throat he was released from the hypnotic control and he became the college boy he was!!!!
Every time the cock withdrew he became the Sissy slut she had hypnotized him to be!!!!
The change could happen dozens of times during one blowjob and she loved to watch his face while it happened!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Did Sissy Get Spanked?

When Sissy's wife saw him after his shower in his pretty bra and panties she was so happy....but then she suddenly grabbed him and spanked him till he was wailing and crying and he didn't know why!!!!
Can you see why?

It's A Good Start

Getting him to do her toenails was easier than she had thought it would be. She wondered how he'd react when she told him to use the same polish on his nails! Sometimes the first step was the hardest but she was already imagining him in panties and makeup sucking her strap-on!

Cleaning - Sissy Training

Sissy must understand that cleaning his butt plug is just another of his duties and no matter what distractions there might's his job!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It wasn't like her Sissy Husband not to be waiting by the door when she came home! She put her keys in the dish and hung her coat in the closet  and still there was no sign of him!
She looked through the rooms downstairs before moving up to the bedrooms!
When she found her Sissy he was sound asleep...she thought that the poor baby must be exhausted, she knew her sissy had a hard schedule....up before dawn and sometimes up till she came home from a night out!!!
This time she would let Sissy sleep....the cage was on and the plug was in so Sissy didn't need any attention from her!!!!
Maybe she would spank him tomorrow.....but for now she kissed his cheek and wished him sweet dreams....

Next Time

"Yes that's it Baby, suck it like it was a cock!!!! Suck it like you're sucking my cock!!!! You know you love it!!!! Kiss my soles to say you're sorry for being late..."

"And next time I don't want to hear any shit about prior commitments!!! Now get ready to start cleaning the other one Batman! I don't give a shit about the Joker....if you don't get here fast when I send up the Bat-signal next time you'll find out about real danger!!! "

Monday, February 15, 2016

Something To Eat

"Sissy, I'm bringing Stacy home with me to help me on the Bilderman contract!"
"Do you want me to set another place for dinner Sweetheart?
"No Sissy, we'll get something out...."
"Okay I can make something just for me then..."
"Sissy, we're going to bring you something to eat...something you'll really enjoy!!!"

Monday ManCandy

When it's very cold out....when the thermometer get's down around's important to protect yourself from the cold....dress in layers....wear a hat....wear gloves...wear warm socks or tights....and have something to warm you up frequently!!!!
ManCandy!!! Warming up your insides to fight the cold outside!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Suddenly so full!!!!

A Valentine For You

I never got to be the little girl who broke boys hearts when they didn't get a Valentine from now I want to make sure that you, all my sweet readers, know that I love you all and the little girl in me wants you to have this.....Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Happy Valentines Day

"Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart!!! I got you a fantastic present you're going to love!!!"
"Thank you Sissy! I got one for you too...."
We looked at each other and laughed....
"Same as last year Sissy?"
"Yes...same as last year Sweetheart?"
"Maybe just a little bigger....thanks Sissy!"
"I love you Sweetheart!!!"

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Working Out

"Yes Sissy, I know you used to work out but that's not what I want!!! I want you to be my helpless little sissy girl who hands me the jar to open!!!! I want you to be my sweet little girl and sweet little girls don't lift run along and freshen your makeup my special girl....I'm working up a sweat and I know how much you like that extra flavor!!!!"

It's Like That Sometimes

It's like that sometimes when you've been together for a long time....after your long day you both just want a nice quiet night at home just like everyone else!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Proper Way

The proper way a Sissy greets his hard working wife, home from a hard days work and in need of some serious relaxation!!!

1. Look pretty for her while you rub her sore and tired feet....she's been wearing heels all have you...but this isn't about you , it's all about her....


2. Show her how much you love her...nothing says devotion quite like sucking and licking her toes....make her feel like a certainly owe her that much...

3.Now go for the deep massage....ask her about her her how much you care as your thumbs hit all the right spots.....easing her, relaxing her.....


4. Now is the time to sooth those sore feet in your own special way....she loves it and so do you.....the taste and scent of her day in those tight leather heels is almost enough to push you too far....

5. Then you make sure she knows that you are only beginning....taking those delicious little piggies into your mouth you look up under her skirt and your eyes grow wide seeing the growing wet spot in her pretty panties and you know that's where you're heading next.....

The Door Creaked

It was like an old movie....I heard the door creak open and the soft footsteps coming across the room to my lonely sissy bed! I pretended to sleep as I expected her to wake me....she loved to have me make her cum when she woke up horny in the middle of the night!!!!
But I could tell by the breathing that it wasn't her.....
As he reached to unsnap my bra I listened to his breath get a little heavier....but I was going to wait and see where he was going with might be fun!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Already Humiliating

It was already humiliating but the rubber glove just made it so much worse!!! She handled me like....I don't having a small cock was contagious!!!

Turn Down That Noise

I heard the rhythmic thumping on the wall but I thought nothing of it, I'd heard a lot of thumping coming from her bedroom over the years!!!
Suddenly I heard my wife....clear as a bell...
"Kaaren!!!! Turn down that damn noise!!!! We're trying to fuck in here!!!"
"Sorry dear!!" I shouted as I frantically looked for my headphones!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Half An Inch

"Alright Sissy, just a half an inch forward and a scootch to the left!!!! That's perfect! Now sit down Sissy....nice and slow!!!!!"

What's That

"Why are you looking at me like that...what's that you have there?"
"It's a beautifully clear picture of you in those cute little panties,,,,pink really is your color!"
"I'm afraid you're mistaken....please leave my office!"
"Oh and this closeup of that big black in your mouth!!!! I'm sure the Board of Directors would love to see that....or maybe just your wife..."
"Oh my god!!!! What do you want!!!! How much is this going to cost me?"
"Oh I don't want money Sissy...I'm interested in that VP position!!!!"
"But I've already promised it to Somers!"
"Let me see...where is the Send button on this?"
"'s yours...Is that all...I have work to do...."
"Yes you at my house at eight...bring all your girly are going to model everything you have for me....and my husband!!!!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


He simply wasn't into it!!! There was no fluffing, no undressing, no watching and no cleanup!!! She smiled sadly at me as he took her up to our bedroom!!!
From the sound of things she wasn't sad for long!!!!
Later I heard the bedroom door and her soft steps on the stairs.....
"Sissy....I have something for you...." she whispered in a singsong voice!!!!
I couldn't be there....but she brought my treat to me!!!!
He may have been bull-headed, stubborn, homophobic and a dick.....but he tasted so nice!!!!!

You Sure Baby

"You sure about this Baby?"
"Yes....I've never been more sure....I've fucked him so many I want to see a real man fuck him like the sissy slut he is!!!!"
"But Baby....he's your sure this is what you want?"
"Yes he's my tiny dicked, sissy cuckold husband who needs to know what it feels like to have a real man inside there a problem?"
"Baby I've never done that to a just doesn't seem right!"
"Humor me this time and I promise you next time he'll be the prettiest sweetest Sissy you've ever seen!"
"That sounds good....alright...lube that sissy bitch up for me....I hope she's nice and tight!!!"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sissy School - Sighs

The headmaster sighed as he pulled down Sissy Kaaren's panties again!!!! How many times had he spanked this cute little ass....had to be hundreds!!!! And still she wouldn't behave....he wondered if somehow Sissy Kaaren enjoyed this!!!!!
Sissy Kaaren sighed as she settled over his lap! How many times had he spanked her....not nearly enough as far as she was concerned! She enjoyed the feel of his tweed trousers against her thighs...the feel of his hand as it settled on her bottom between spanks...the tingles that lasted long after the spanking was over!!!!
"Well Kaaren," said the Headmaster, "Here we are again!"
"I' promise that I'll never do it again Sir!!!"
"I'm sure Kaaren....we'll skip the lecture and get right to it then!"
"You know what's best for me Sir!!!!"