Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At The Stroke of Midnight

At the stroke of midnight my sweetheart and I will share a delicious champagne toast followed by a long, long lingering kiss on those beautiful lips!!!
I hope your New Years Eve is as wonderful as ours!

It's Just That Little Bit Extra

It's just that little bit extra Sissy. The panties and the cage would be enough for some but for you, my special girl, a lovely pink bow completes the outfit!

Success in the Kitchen

The key to success in the kitchen is proper preparation!

Feel Mine

As we lay cuddling and petting I had to remind her that I love to have my little breasts touched too! I love the almost electric thrill that shoots from my nipples to my little clit...

Monday, December 30, 2013

I must Have Missed

I must have missed this issue! One would wonder why Lois isn't shouting her revelation instead of hiding in the next room watching the transformation! Perhaps, deep down, she thinks it's all for the best?

Monday ManCandy

There's just something about ManCandy that brings people together! I mean people are just drawn to each other when there's a little ManCandy involved! Perhaps if we flooded the UN with ManCandy we'd finally have peace on earth!

Hold Still Sissy

"Hold still Sissy, I'm trying to read, okay I think I've got it...according to the book your prostate is right....hmmmm.... there...."
"Ooooooh My God!!!!"
"Goddess actually, Sissy and don't ever forget it!"

Sissy Tears

A sissy properly dressed and caged will sometimes have a problem with her little clit weeping Sissy Tears. Remember to have her lick them up to keep everything clean and tidy!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Is Game Day Sissy

That's just right Sissy, you stay right there and I'll send the men in one at a time....what...okay two at a time...you're such a sissy slut Kaaren!

All Shapes And Sizes

She whispered in his ear as he took the cock in his hand, it felt so different from his own yet strangely familiar.
"Suck it baby," she whispered, "suck it for me! Suck it and maybe you can have me after he cums in your mouth...be my sissy...suck him...be my sissy..."
It was almost hypnotic and he opened his mouth and he was hers!!!

It's Nice When

There are times when we go out together and she is occupied most of the night with all the horny men who'd love to give her what I can't. It's nice when when she leaves them behind to remind me that I am the only girl for her!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

OK Sounds Like Fun

This is the kind of note a sissy lives for! Sounds like the recipe for a good night to me...

Those shoes need to be cleaned

Those shoes need to be cleaned Sissy, but not as much as those panties! He just filled me up! You can take care of them later, for now I need you to freshen me up so crawl on over and get that tongue going!!!!

There's No Such Thing As I Can't - Sissy Training

It really doesn't matter to me what you think you can or can't do Sissy. As of now I'll decide what you can and can't do so you don't have to think at all anymore! And the words "I can't" are no longer part of your vocabulary!

Friday, December 27, 2013

College Days

"You're not like the other guys I've dated you seem to really understand me...let me just open those pants for you..."
'I...uh...I think maybe...."
"Shhh you're so sweet but I want to do this for you...let me just pull down those boxers.....oh...wow...it's really ....wow...that's really it......it's kind of cute....no I'm not laughing...HEY I didn't even touch it and you're cumming already?!?!?!?

There Was Something On TV

There was something on TV that I really wanted to watch. She sat with me and slipped off the heels she had worn to work all day and suddenly the TV show became far less interesting...in fact I can honestly say I forgot all about it!

I'm Never Sure

I'm never sure what's coming next when she takes down my panties and bends me over the bed! I can hear her opening drawers but I can't tell if it's the drawer with the strap-ons or the drawer with the paddles! I'll find out in a few moments but the uncertainty has me at the edge already!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay I'm Not Really A Hero

I'm not really a hero, I mean the best I could hope for would be heroine really!
I had some excitement late last night/ / early this morning. I had just finished sending a couple of posts to my blogs and was ready to go snuggle with my sleeping sweetheart when I heard an odd noise come from the storage room. I investigated and found an outlet had burst into flames
I rushed through the house and as I grabbed the fire extinguisher I shouted for my wife to get out. She was sleepy but she must have heard the alarm in my voice and she quickly threw on a coat and ran to the neighbors.
By the time I got back the fire had spread to some cartons we had stored there and was near to getting out of control! I used the extinguisher more to contain than put the fire as I didn't think there was enough to put it out! As I was spraying I heard the sirens coming! One of the pluses about living in the city is that help is usually not that far away.
Just as the extinguisher emptied I heard the footsteps of the firefighters rushing toward me and I clearly heard my sweet wife shouting that "My husbands is in there!"
The first two to reach me stopped for a moment...I mean here I was in a babydoll nightie with no makeup and my hair combed back and they were looking for her husband! The third firefighter, a lieutenant. assessed the situation quickly and had a blanket wrapped around me as I was led outside. My wife and I shivered in the cold for a few minutes when an ambulance arrived and we could sit in the warm rear while they checked me out for smoke inhalation,
The firefighters had the situation under control in no time and told us that we were in no danger, we should call an electrician in the morning to repair the shorted outlet. The nice lieutenant, his name tag said "Nichols", said that we "ladies" could go back in the house and he actually winked at me!!! I won't lie,,,if I could have I would have sank to my knees right there and then!
As we passed the exiting firefighters we thanked them all and most of them gave me at least a smile!
I'm glad i was still up when the fire started and I'm glad I kept it from spreading. I'm so glad that my wife was saved from danger and I'm so glad Lieutenant Nichols agreed to come to a dinner party with us in January, he's very hot!!!!!
Anyways that was my night of post-Christmas excitement! I hope you all had a more "Silent Night!"


You have to be quiet, Sissy's asleep and I don't want to wake her she's had a busy day!

Borrowing Leeannes Recipe

I absolutely love fettuccine Alfredo, the pasta and the exquisite Alfredo sauce! So when the lovely Leeanne posted her pasta recipe I decided to try it out! I cooked the pasta to perfection and then Alfredo was nice enough to provide me with his creamy sauce! Just delicious...I may just have seconds!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas ManCandy

That right jolly old elf brought his own particular brand of winterfrost ManCandy with him this year and I'm only too eager to get my share. If he's delivering this world wide then he really has amazing recuperative powers, maybe his magic extends to this too!!!!

Come With Me Girls

Come with me girls, Kaaren you'd better bring your Teddy because your wife and I have a bagful of toys to play with and we'll probably be busy for awhile! You two made the top spot on my Naughty List this year and I intend to find out just how good being naughty can be!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So Kaaren We've Got All Night

"I read your name on the Naughty List over and over Kaaren and I just had to see for myself. Crawl over here and let me try out that tongue. He'll be out all night traveling and I figure anyone who's been as naughty as you should be very good at it!"
"Yes Mrs. Claus, it'll be my pleasure!"

Fluffing for Christmas!

Oh yeah Kaaren you keep Santa nice and hard for me while I fuck his helper! Then while I fuck Santa you can suck the elf hard for me again! It's like Christmas Magic and at the end you can have a warm and creamy Christmas dinner!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Just Before

Just before Major Tom Robinson was plunged into darkness he decided that being  used as a living dildo on a planet of giant horny women was the greatest thing he could ever wish for! It was when she moved her skirt he realized he'd landed on a planet of giant Sissies and that he was still going to be used as a living dildo but his destination wasn't where he thought it would be!!!

Monday ManCandy

You can always tell when the upper class indulge themselves with a little ManCandy. I believe that all the best Finishing Schools teach the young girls (and sissies too) that you always keep your pinky out when eating or drinking and that applies to ManCandy too!

Well What Do You Suppose

Well Sissy, what do you suppose I'm going to do with it? There's really only 2 good possibilities when you think about it...and I think I'll take advantage of both!

Trimming The Tree

It's a lovely tree Kaaren, you've decorated it perfectly but I guess that makes sense. You were always very good at handling balls!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Remember It's Practically Next Door

Remember please to visit my new blog cleverly names "Such A Sissy 2" where I post under the secret identity of "Kaaren Sissy"! It'll take no time to visit if you run....or you can click right here
I promise thee will be stuff there you haven't seen here!

So go....run...right now...I'll be waiting...

Sunday Is Game Day Sissy

To avoid confusion over which of the men get to use you first Sissy, we're going to ask them to sign in! Kind of like being on a "First Come First Cum" basis, it'll be easier on all of us!

Spreading Christmas Cheer

I am doing my sissy best to spread Christmas cheer, I'm only one sissy but I will do my best to get as many into the spirit as possible! Maybe we need a Sissy Claus?

I Can't Wait

I so love your beautiful breasts, I so look forward to having my own! Thank you for allowing me to still be your special girl!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Ladies Cast A Knowing Glance

The ladies cast a knowing glance as the little boy cried over and over that he didn't want to wear a "stupid jacket", he wanted a pretty dress like his sister. Most of the ladies smiled at each other and nodded after all like father like son!

Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I'm late I got tied up in the office,
I see my sweet Sissy has been keeping you entertained. Kaaren keep him nice and hard for me while I get out of these clothes.

Dance With Me Sissy

I am so glad I brought you to the party Sissy! Dance with me...remember when you wouldn't dance...before you became my special girl...I love dancing with my sweet Sissy!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome To Womens Airlines

Welcome to Womens Airlines flight 101. Please be sure to stow your Sissies in the overhead compartments, they're not very big but with careful arrangement we should be able to fit two sissies into each compartment,
Lunch today will be served by our stewards and we encourage you ladies to help yourself to all they have to offer!

Remember to check my new Blog at http://sissykaaren2.blogspot.com/ or click here

Isn't It A Beautiful Day

Isn't it a beautiful day she thought.
She sighed to herself as she looked out on the bright sunny day. Their wedding ceremony was perfect and she contemplated their future together. He had put his little dicklet into her last night for his personal best of 30 seconds, but she expected that.
She had him lick her clean and then give her several orgasms, he did have a talented tongue at least! This morning was going to be an education in ass kissing for him, this afternoon he'd be in his first panties, tomorrow in chastity....she had so much planned for their honeymoon!
Yes it was a beautiful day!

Starting Over Sort Of

Thanks to the Google+ Suspension I am forced to make some changes. I will keep this blog going for as long as I can but I have set up a new blog also in case they do something crazy like deleting my content!

I just set it up and made the first post so feel free to check it out at http://sissykaaren2.blogspot.com/ by clicking right here

I'll be making posts to both blogs for the time being!

Let me just get ready in case you come by for a visit!

Kaaren When I Said

Kaaren when I said you should tip the parking valet I meant you should give him a couple of dollars!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Young Billy Was Not At All Happy about School Pictures

Young Billy was not at all happy. It was bad enough that his Auntie had ordered portrait sized prints of the pictures but his school was going to include them in the yearbook!

Getting Down To Basics

The secret of a good Sissy wardrobe is that it has to be built on a solid foundation!

A Good Breakfast

A good breakfast is so important to get your day off to the right start! I like to start off with some fruit juice for the vitamins and then have a nice steaming hot cup of coffee, black and sweet! And of course I love to have a lovely cock to suck on! Entertaining and ultimately full of nutrients delivered hot and fresh. It's the breakfast of champions as far as I'm concerned!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Okay Sissies You Know What I Mean!!!!

I may not have actually run through the night shouting but I've probably come close!!!


Sissy, are you awake?

Sissy School - Trouble Again

The Headmaster will be with you shortly Sissy Kaaren, he's on the phone with the delivery man's wife trying to explain how your skirt ended up in his van.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Don't Worry I'm A Professional

Don't worry I'm a professional, I just need to check your heart rate when I put my finger....right....in.....there....oh my that's quite the change.

No More Google+ For You Kaaren

Got this today from the Thought Police over at Google+:Although the only things I've posted have been shared privately I guess it wasn't private enough!
Imagine Google being shocked about adult content, Google is the PornFinder General! Type in any weird perversion and you'll get plenty of results....I tried "Hot Giraffe Sex" and got dozens of hits!
To all who know me from Google+ I'll still be around posting on my silly little blog here I hope you join me

Dear Sissy Kaaren,
You may no longer use Google+ because you have repeatedly violated our User Content and Conduct Policy.
Pornography or sexually explicit posts are not allowed on Google+.
If you have content on Google+ that you want to keep, you have about two months to export it using Google Takeout. The content is visible only to you. After that time your content will be deleted and you will no longer be able to get a copy. Learn more
This will not affect other Google services that do not require an active Google+ profile, such as Gmail.
The Google+ team.

You're been very bad Kaaren!
Oh please Google+ I promise to be a good girl

This Is A Big Job

"This looks like it's going to take me a while, you don't mind if I lick and suck you for the next hour or so do you?"
"I like it when you're thorough Sissy. Take all the time you need!"

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rules Are Rules

As a Office Temp there are times that the office has rules I don't always understand. When the office manager showed me to the desk he told me there's no dress code in effect here. I had nothing to change into but a rule's a rule so I slipped off my dress and got to work.

Monday ManCandy

I've been thinking about a way to spread the word about the fantastic flavor of ManCandy! Maybe an ad campaign? It would require the right spokesperson!
I liked the first audition, I think she nailed her line too! What do you all think?

"ManCandy It's Grrrreat!"