Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Her Mother Knows

"Of course I told my mother, why wouldn't I?"
I just stared at her slack jawed at this new revelation.
My mother-in-law knew my secret! How could I face her? I was a disappointment to her in so many ways already and now this!
"I only told her because I didn't want you to be uncomfortable when she's here. You know a week is a long time and I know you...if you can't slip into panties or a nightie after work you get so grumpy"
Just then the doorbell rang.
"That must be her now. Please answer the door and help Mom with her bags while I check on the dinner."
Opening the door my Mother-in-law gave me a big grin and walked past me and into the house, my wife rushed into the foyer and gave her mother a hug.
"Oh I'm so glad to see you."
Her mother kissed her cheek and said, "I am really looking forward to this visit dear, I am so happy to be here."
"I have to get back to the kitchen Mom, dinner will be ready soon,
My wife gestured to me "Please take Mom's bags up to the guest room and help her get settled, dinner should be ready in about 15 minutes."
Nodding i picked up the 2 suitcases, they were heavy. Jesus I thought she's only staying a week she didn't have to bring her whole wardrobe.
Her mother followed me up the stairs and I became very nervous, could she see a panty line through my pants? The garter tabs?.
Entering the room she told me to put one case on the bed and the other by the dresser.
She looked at me with a grin, "I brought you both a few presents and I wanted to give you one now, I hope it fits, you can wear it to the table for dinner, I'm sure my daughter will love it, I know I'm looking forward very much to seeing you in it."
Opening the case my worst fears were coming true....
"I hope the panties and stockings you're wearing now match." she said as she laughed..


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