Sunday, April 11, 2021

Almost There

 Kneeling on her lap while she plays with my nipples is enough to get me almost there...she never does it for too long....or long enough as far as I'm concerned....
My nipples have always been extra sensitive but since I've been in chastity they seem even more so....probably just in my mind....but I swear I could cum just from this!!!!


  1. Wow...very sensual. Getting "there" is much more than half the fun.


    sissy terrie

  2. My wife has actually taken me over the edge just by playing with my nipples. She oversees two ballet sessions each week for me (still caged, which can be awkward!), mainly for stretches rather than dancing. A few months back she hadn't allowed me an orgasm for over two months and was teasing me as she put me through my routine, making me feel like a little girl ballet dancer. I was wearing my black leotard and tights and at the end she came up behind me and started rubbing my nipples through my leotard. I sunk back into her arms and her embrace and started making whimpering noises as she teased me some more. When she started to apply more pressure to my nipples I simply erupted and made sissy. Sissy Jenna xx

  3. My nipples have always been tender, first wife used to pinch them. I can't cum unless they are being pinched, would love for someone to nibble or suck on them.