Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Lifestyle

Sometimes I forget that the average guy won't understand our lifestyle.....the fact that I'm a married man who dresses and acts like a woman....the fact that my wife brings home men to fuck and I not only approve but participate as much as I'm allowed!!!!
With some men the only way to help them understand is to give them a simple old fashioned blowjob!!!
On my knees....sucking his cock....it;s amazing the amnesia that hits men when they have their cock in a hot wet mouth......from "No way!!!" to "Oh yeah Baby!!!!" in just a few minutes!!!


  1. So true, Kaaren. But there are still some men who are against a man showing his feminine side.

  2. Cock in your mouth is a sissyfags natural state of being!
    Just look at that cock going in and out of her mouth, it's so femmie and pretty.