Friday, August 7, 2015

Bath Time Humiliation

He lightly kisses her foot as I stand by my fingertips resting at the hem of my short maids uniform!!!
They speak in low whispers about making love and he tells her how beautiful she is and how much he wants her!
If I didn't have this penis gag in my mouth I could tell her how much I want her much I'd love to be released from chastity so I could make love to her. Instead I can just stand by and wait!!!
He starts to get up but she says she'd rather soak a little while longer....she turns to me....
"Sissy please get a towel and dry Mark off...make sure you do a thorough job!!!"
Unable to answer I drop a quick curtsey and turn to her lover with a towel in my that a smile I saw or was he smirking at me as I dried him off...and did a thorough job while she watched me from the tub.
Somehow this is more humiliating than kneeling down and sucking his cock...and my little clit is pressing so hard against its cage that I'm afraid one or the other will surely break!!!!


  1. Psychological shaming can be so effective and there are endless ways to do it. Maybe the sissy will have to polish Mark's shoes while the lovers are making out on the sofa, or iron his pants while the happy couple are in bed together.

    1. She has given Mark more "rights" where I'm concerned than any of her other lovers have had! There's something different with him and we'll have to have a talk about it soon!!!

  2. I think Mistresses should demand tongue baths for their feet from all sissies and subbies! Not only that, I think those foot baths should be given in front of an audience as often as possible.

    That tells the world that she owns us!

  3. When you become someone who your wife's lovers look to serve them in every way, the cuckolding becomes complete. And you are so correct in your observation that such service becomes more humiliating and arousing, in some ways, than sucking his cock.