Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay I'm Not Really A Hero

I'm not really a hero, I mean the best I could hope for would be heroine really!
I had some excitement late last night/ / early this morning. I had just finished sending a couple of posts to my blogs and was ready to go snuggle with my sleeping sweetheart when I heard an odd noise come from the storage room. I investigated and found an outlet had burst into flames
I rushed through the house and as I grabbed the fire extinguisher I shouted for my wife to get out. She was sleepy but she must have heard the alarm in my voice and she quickly threw on a coat and ran to the neighbors.
By the time I got back the fire had spread to some cartons we had stored there and was near to getting out of control! I used the extinguisher more to contain than put the fire as I didn't think there was enough to put it out! As I was spraying I heard the sirens coming! One of the pluses about living in the city is that help is usually not that far away.
Just as the extinguisher emptied I heard the footsteps of the firefighters rushing toward me and I clearly heard my sweet wife shouting that "My husbands is in there!"
The first two to reach me stopped for a moment...I mean here I was in a babydoll nightie with no makeup and my hair combed back and they were looking for her husband! The third firefighter, a lieutenant. assessed the situation quickly and had a blanket wrapped around me as I was led outside. My wife and I shivered in the cold for a few minutes when an ambulance arrived and we could sit in the warm rear while they checked me out for smoke inhalation,
The firefighters had the situation under control in no time and told us that we were in no danger, we should call an electrician in the morning to repair the shorted outlet. The nice lieutenant, his name tag said "Nichols", said that we "ladies" could go back in the house and he actually winked at me!!! I won't lie,,,if I could have I would have sank to my knees right there and then!
As we passed the exiting firefighters we thanked them all and most of them gave me at least a smile!
I'm glad i was still up when the fire started and I'm glad I kept it from spreading. I'm so glad that my wife was saved from danger and I'm so glad Lieutenant Nichols agreed to come to a dinner party with us in January, he's very hot!!!!!
Anyways that was my night of post-Christmas excitement! I hope you all had a more "Silent Night!"


  1. Wow!! And I worry about having to go to the emergency room in my panties! You were very brave but maybe next time take a second and touch up your lipstick!
    sissy jennifer

    1. It honestly didn't occur to me about how I was dressed until I saw the first firefighters eyes go wide! I was such a mess by that point I really didn't care until the nice lieutenant wrapped the blanket around me! By the time I was sitting in the ambulance I was trembling and I wanted to cry! If my sweetheart wasn't there with me I don't know what I'd have done! Adrenalin is a funny thing!

    2. Sissy Kaaren,
      You really WERE a heroine! You got your sweetheart to safety, called 911 and did your best to prevent your home from burning down. You turned a potential disaster into an annoyance and your first thoughts were not for your safety but the one you love- that makes you a heroine in my book! I hope the rest of your holidays are less exciting!
      sissy jennifer

    3. Thank you Jennifer, that;s the first time in my life anyone has called me heroic.
      Thank you so much!
      Kisses and hugs

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  2. I love this account of your adventure Sissy Kaaren, though I'm sure it was very dramatic and traumatic at the time - especially in those moments afterwards where you run through all the 'what-ifs' in your mind. But I can just picture the looks on various faces when the firemen spot you and you 'come to yourself' and realize you are dressed a little ... unconventionally (teehee). And the dashing fireman putting a blanket around you!!! (swoon).
    You should be proud of yourself being such a protector! Well done.
    lill jo

    1. Thanks for the feedback and you've really got the picture right about the shocked faces all around! And unfortunately it seems that the nightie is probably ruined, I've hand washed it twice and it still smells like smoke....and it was my favorite one too!

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