Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dance Class - A Glimpse into my Past

"Honestly young man how was I to know? The memo from the school Councillor just said I was getting a new student and gave me your height, weight and shoe size...I had no idea they were sending a boy to join my ballet class! I ordered your costume just like I ordered all the other girls....I mean like the girls!!!"
"But I'm not a girl...."
"That may be but you look lovely in that and....well....most boys would have simply refused to wear it....maybe you're a little more girly than you want us to know!!!!"
The girls laughed out loud as I stood there, blushing bright red, in my leotard and skirt!!!

"Oh Sissy," my wife said as she stroked my hair. "That must have been so embarrassing for you! My poor Baby!!!"
"Not as embarrassing as being knocked down in gym every day! Not as embarrassing as being the smallest...well you know!"
She cupped my small caged clit.
"I always thought it was cute Sissy! So what then, did you quit the class?"
"And go back to being a punching bag for the I stayed in Dance class for the remaining two years of high school!"
"And did she get you a proper boys costume?"
"No, but as you might have guessed, I really didn't mind all that much. In fact she never mentioned it again and I just put on whatever she gave me to wear! Eventually I kind of became one of the least for one period of the school day!!!"
"Sweet Sissy! now you're my special girl!!!"
She kissed away my tears  and held me close! I was so happy!!!!

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