Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hearing Is Believing

I could hear them....the way she was groaning and pleading with him to make her cum again....and again....and again I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the neighborhood could hear them!!!!
I so wanted to watch but he said no, absolutely not.....and after she snapped the cuffs in place she whispered to me!
"No peeking today Sissy, I'll be back later with the key....for the cuffs!"
Oh my god! What was he doing to her....I have never heard her make noises like that!!!! I have to remember to get a book on picking locks!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe if my sissy bedroom was in another part of the house it would be a little easier to ignore but these walls are pretty thin and I'm betting that she left the door open and was being a little extra loud for my benefit!!!

    2. Those noises mudt echo round your head but i suppose that is the point.

  2. cuffed down on your belly... you should be wondering if anyone is going to visit you and see if they can make the noise in stereo....

  3. I always thought that this type of play was so cruel of my Mistress. I knew I could never make my wife react in this way so I thought I would be permitted to watch. I learned that being denied played a big part of stripping away my musculinity, especially after my wife's lover would unlock my door and take me to our bedroom after he had finished.