Friday, October 9, 2015

He Was New At This

He was obviously new at this!!
"Look at're not a man!"
I never claimed to be, but let's see where he's going with this!!!
"You don't deserve to be married to a hot piece of ass like her!"
No argument there, I consider myself the luckiest sissy in the world!!!
"Pick up your wife's panties, smell her pussy!!!"
I do the laundry here so I do this with just about every pair she wears....
"Put them over your head Sissy! put her wet spot right over your nose!!!! You look so ridiculous!"
Alright this was new but I liked it! I'd have to remember this next laundry day....
"Now suck my cock you Sissy bitch!!!!"
This is where I realized he hadn't really thought this all the way through!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Either he's new at this, or just really good at teasing the sissy. ;)