Saturday, October 17, 2015


Fresh from the shower I thought perhaps I could maybe share an intimate moment or two with her!!! Maybe she'd allow me to cum!!!! It had been a while and I was becoming a little anxious!!!!
I pulled the towel away and struck what I hoped was a sexy pose while she sat on the couch!
I stood there for a moment and after giving me a glance her eyes went back to her book!
I waited a few moments more and then I quietly cleared my throat to get her attention, again after a glance, she returned to reading her book!
I waited another little while and I stepped a little closer, she didn't even look up from her book this time but I thought I heard a soft sigh!!!!
I took another small step closer and I softly asked her what she was reading?
Sighing more loudly this time she never even looked up! 
I asked more loudly this time!
"What's that you're reading Sweetheart?"
She looked up at me as she snapped the book closed!
"It's the story of a naked Sissy whose little clit should have been back in it's cage five minutes ago!!!"
"But I..."
"Wait I haven't told you the best part yet! The sissy interrupts his wife while she's reading so the wife tells him to get the cage and the biggest plug they have and after he's locked and plugged she spanks the living daylights out of him!"
"I'm sorry I....."
"You have until I count to twenty sissy before the spanking doubles!"
I was already running by three!!!!!

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