Saturday, March 22, 2014

Already Wet

I dipped my tongue into her and she was so wet already! I heard her sucking his nice big cock and then I figured perhaps it wasn't her sweet pussy she was talking about when she told me to get her wet! I shifted my attention to the beautiful rosebud between her cheeks and I heard them both moan in response! Now that I knew for sure what she had in mind for him I did my best to get her as wet as possible as I tried to remember where we left that bottle of lube!


  1. SEXY! Kaaren, isn't it one of the sexist and most submissive things we can do? Taking our lips and our tongue, and worshipping and adoring that little brown rose?

    I get off when my lady reaches behind and pushesmy face, gently between her cheeks. It is a sublte signal to me, that she is in charge and WHATEVER she wants I must do!


  2. i love this view. I would love to have my lady push my head between her cheeks. HayleySometimes