Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can I Call You Back


"Oh hi Stacey listen I'm going to have to call you back! I have something here that needs my immediate attention!"

"No nothing like that! i just got home and found Kaaren lounging on the sofa with her dress all wrinkled and half of her chores undone!!!!"

"Yes I know!!!" What's the point of having a Sissy Maid for a husband if he can't follow simple instructions..."

""With a wooden kitchen spoon...I couldn't find my hairbrush but this will do..."

"No...thanks Stacey...but I don't need any help with this....I have to go....I've had Sissy bent over that coffee table for a while now and I don't want her to start enjoying this!!!"

"Yes I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow at work..."


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