Thursday, October 22, 2015

Left Behind

We were preparing to leave when my wife pulled me aside and whispered in my ear.
"Sissy I left my panties with that man I was talking to earlier but they're my favorite pair would you please go get them back for me!"
"What? Who did you leave them with? How am I going to ask for them?
"Why don't you slip out of yours and offer him a trade?"
"But I love these panties too...."
"Sissy! I want my panties back!!!!"
"Alright, I'll trade, which man is it?"
"He's in that group of men over there!"
She pointed to a large group of men talking and laughing!
"Just go over there and ask them if one of them will trade my panties for yours Sissy, is that so hard???"
"No Ma'am! I'll be right back!"

1 comment:

  1. What a wickedly clever wife. I can't imagine how that man ended up with her panties. I'm sure the sissy will make quite an impression going from guy to guy trying to find the lucky one.