Friday, October 16, 2015

Promises - Sissy Training

"Ooh, it's too big!!!"
"I think it's a perfect fit Sissy!"
"Please take it out!!!! "
"When he cums in your mouth and you swallow it all I'll stop fucking you with it!"
She smiled as she watched Sissy take that cock in his mouth like a pro!!!!
Of course she had no intention of stopping! She was planning on fucking him all night with that huge dildo in his sissy pussy!
He'd have to learn that some promises are made to be broken!!!!


  1. Kaaren, this is why I like girls like you, with little cockettes! I can handle them much better, which means you get a better blow job, or you get to enjoy my ass longer and harder.

    So why don't you and Leeanne, get over here, and line up one in front and one in back; and take this subbie like the slut he is meant to be???

    I promise you will both enjoy the ride, and OF COURSE, I'll swallow!

  2. Ooooh she's wicked. She's mind fucking him as well as cock-fucking him. He is utterly under her control now. Love it

  3. I kept telling her it was humiliating and that I didn't want to do it, and then I was the one who came first