Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oh My God

"Oh my're such a sissy! Your wife making you wear panties is bad enough....but she makes you wear a bra too!!!!!"
"No she doesn't!"
"'ve got a bra on!!!!"
"First don't call me name is Kaaren!!!! And she doesn't make me wear anything....she allows me to!!!!


  1. Luv the comments. My wife encouraged me to experience my feminine side. After wearing panties for a short time she left a bra on my bed one morning. She called me from work to ask if I was wearing it, while doing my chores. She was never more happy that I was moving forward with my sissy feelings. Mishel

    1. I recounted my story of the first time I wore a bra some time back in this blog!!!! I have long felt that although I am well known for having a panty fetish it's wearing a bra that really manes me feel feminine!!!

    2. Have to agree. I guess wearing a panty is compared to wearing underwear but the addition of the bra puts you in a different zone. Besides I like the way my babydolls drape my body when my bra is on.