Friday, October 2, 2015

Sometimes He Stayed Home

Sometimes he stayed home from work! He told his wife he needed a break!
"A mental health day! Just need to be away from the stress!!!"
 She smiled and told him to rest to enjoy the day! When she got home they'd get take out for dinner!!!!
After she was gone he waited! Too many close calls over the years!!! Forgotten keys or whatever! He managed to avoid getting caught all these years and he wasn't going to screw up now!!!
He ran a nice bath and took his time soaking as his fantasies played out in his mind!!!!
Strong women who would bend him to their will!!!
Big men who would make him their slut!!!!
He went to his daughters room! It was always more humiliating to dress in her clothes! When he had found the big thick vibrator in her panty drawer he had cum  just from looking at it!!!!
He knew it was wrong but so was wearing her panties! And so what!!! If he fantasized about long as he kept hands off then there was no harm...was there?
When he was dressed in her school uniform he stepped in front of the mirror....the rest of the world may have seen a balding middle aged man looking a little silly in a young school girls clothes but he saw a teenage sex goddess! Ready to take on those horny teenage boys!!!!
Maybe it was time to go get that vibrator and see what it could do..........