Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Wonder

He had wondered how it would feel to wear a dress!!!! When his big sister left for college she had left so much clothing behind!!! He loved how the dress felt as he twirled about her room!
Stopping in front of her dresser he suddenly knew what he wanted to do...and he pulled open the drawer and looked at the panties and bras and he knew he would have to try them all on!!! His tiny little thing was rock hard as he pulled on the pretty pink nylon bikinis!!!
How on earth could she have left these behind!?!?!? Nothing had ever felt so good!!!! This must be what girls feel like all the time!!!!!
His thoughts were racing as fast as his heart!!!! He knew he would be doing this again....he knew he'd be doing this forever!!!!
Maybe he'd tell his best friend Tommy and maybe they could both wear these clothes together and ooooohhhh what's happening.....
It had felt so good and even though the panties were soaked he had weeks to clean them up before she came home!!!!!
Life had changed for good!!!!

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  1. I was dressing in my sister's things before she went to college; but when she did, she left behind A LOT of clothes - and I tried them all on