Sunday, October 18, 2015

She Said It Would Be Fun

She said it would be fun!
"Let me dress you up and make you up!!!! Make you really hot and kind of slutty!!! Then we'll drive down to that hotel bar!!! You go in and order a Cosmo and wait at the bar, I'll go park the car and come in a few minutes later and pretend to pick you up!!! While you're waiting for me I want you to give every guy in that bar that "I want to fuck you" look! When we start kissing at the bar every dick in the place will be hard for you! Won't that be fun?"
I did sound like fun, but I'm on my fourth Cosmo and I've been in here for over an hour and there's no sign of her!
A nice looking man stepped up to the bar and quietly asked if I was Kaaren!!!!
In my best femme voice I said I was!
"Your wife told me to give you this after you'd been here for an hour..."
The note read:
"Sweet Kaaren, this man will bring you home to me! You must let him use your mouth but you may not let him cum! He knows that he's driving you home and he knows you're going to suck his cock but he doesn't know that I told you not to let him cum! Consider it a test for both of you but only you get punished if you fail!"
I folded the note and put it in my purse.
"Shall we go Kaaren!"
"Yes I'm looking forward to the ride!"
"Me too!!!"

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