Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Is Why

This is why she keeps me in embarrassing to cum all over yourself like that!!!

Sissy School - Homework

Homework was a bitch.....and now so was I.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It cost them 65 thousand dollars to send their son to that school!!! They thought he was getting the best possible education that money could buy!!!!
They were so surprised when he came home for Spring Break and informed them that he was now a sissy!!!!
After a couple of days they came around, reluctantly, to accepting that he looked more like a girl than his sister......
It wasn't until her professor Tyrone showed up that they really began to wonder if they had been wise in sending their boy to Brown!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Her Place

I loved being invited to her place after a date.....I was never sure if I would get the chance to disappoint her with my tiny clit or if I'd cum far too soon as usual or if she would let me go down on her and satisfy her the only way I could....a lot of girls are a little self conscious about letting a man, even one like me, get down on my knees and lick her.....I never understood why....
But one of the best things about being in her place was that there was always a chance you'd get to peek in her panty drawer and maybe....just able to stick a pair in your pocket before she got out of the bathroom....

Monday ManCandy

Nothing gets you moving faster on a cold Monday morning than the thought of a nice hot breakfast waiting in the kitchen for you!!! Sure you're sluggish and you'd love just another hour to sleep but the week is starting and it won't wait for you!!!
You can smell the coffee brewing but that's not what you need....that's a temporary artificial stimulant....what you need is something that will last all day, warming your tummy and giving you that morning boost you need!!! What you need is that favorite treat that we all and creamy and fresh as can be!!!
ManCandy!!!Fresh and organic...the perfect hot breakfast!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Show Me

"You want to dress like a me you can suck a cock like a girl!!!"


As I watched him fuck her....his big cock sliding in and out of my wife....making her moan and hand slipped into my panties....the cage was holding fast but there were some Sissy drippies that I was able to scoop up and eat while I dreamed of cumming as hard as her!!!!