Sunday, August 28, 2016


Sissy was sleeping when she came was always a long day...
The first he knew that she was hone was when her wet pussy settled on his face!!!
"Lick it Sissy eat it all...."
As his tongue dipped into the wetness  he could taste them was certainly worth waking for...

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Slowly the locker room quieted as he began to dress....

....but soon after he made a lot of new friends!!!!

A Little More

"Lube him up a little more for me Sissy!!!!"
"I'd love to Sweetheart!!!!"

Friday, August 26, 2016

One Last Check

She made one last check to make certain everything was ready for her date tonight.....she hoped he would come early.....and she laughed.....really...if she wanted a man who came early she had one here already....sitting right here in his bra and panties.....

Water Torture

I want it all but she's only letting me have it one drop at a time!!!!!
Water torture would be easier!!!!! She'll drive me mad!!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hitching A Ride

The hitchhiker was just too cute to pass by and it turned out we were both headed in the same direction! We made small talk and from the corner of my eye I could see him eying my stockinged legs! I knew this dress was short and I knew that when I sat my stocking tops were visible but I really hadn't planned on having company on this ride!!!!
Tentatively he put a hand on my thigh and when I didn't protest he began to pull up my tight dress! I knew I should say something...I should warn him that maybe all was not as it seemed but his hand felt so, so nice stroking the bare skin above my stocking!!!
Reaching the lacy leg band of my panties his hand slid toward my caged clitty!!! When his fingers lightly touched my satin covered balls he stopped for a moment before slipping his hand fully between my legs and rubbing me softly!!!!
"Let's stop somewhere Kaaren, I'd love to buy you a drink!!!"
"I'd love to!!!" I replied as I noticed the growing bulge in his tight jeans!!!!

Let Me See

Alright Sissy....time for inspection.....

....face down Sissy.....

....let me get a closer look.....okay Sissy you pass but your bottom looks so pale....I'll get my hairbrush and brighten it up when I get home!!!