Thursday, September 29, 2016


"Quiet Baby, you don't want all our guests to know what we're you?"
For a moment or two Sissy wasn't sure of the answer....


Ever since he'd been caught late that night in the office dressed as a woman things had changed!!! Now he met with his Boss regularly after work, at least a couple of times a week!!!
He wondered if it would be appropriate if he asked for a raise before or after he came?
He decided to wait until after for purely practical reasons....after all how could his boss answer him while his mouth was full!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sissy School - Basics

"Now this is what we call a cock you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am...that's a cock...."
"And a cock belongs in a Sissy's mouth....point to your mouth Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am! A cock belongs in my mouth!!!!"
"Show me what you can do Sissy!!!"
"I thought you'd never ask Ma'am!!!"

What Did I Tell You

"What did I tell you about wearing pants Sissy?"
"You said only women and men can wear pants...."
"Sissies wear dresses and skirts!"
"And what are you wearing Sissy?"
"I'm wearing pants....but I was working in the front garden and my dresses and skirts are all so short every time I bend over people can see my panties and....."
"Enough Sissy!!! What did I say I would do if I caught you wearing pants?"
"You said you'd spank me on the front porch for all the world to see!!!"
"That's right take those pants down and I'm going to spank your ass red!!!! Then we're going to burn those pants and any others you may still have hidden around here!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Love This Dress

The pretty green matches my eyes....and the pettis underneath make it seem to swirl around me even when I'm standing still!!!!
I like the idea that some people would see me in this dress and think that I look like an innocent little girl....while others would look and see a debauched sissy slut!!!!

Real Humiliation

I was horribly embarrassed to have a man I had known for years see me in panties and could I ever face him again......
I was humiliated when she told me to go fetch my plug and bring it back so he could see it....
My face must have been beet red as I handed it to her and she showed him how big it was....and she told him that I kept it inside me almost all day!!!!
The humiliation was indescribable when she told me to bend over so she could show him how she puts it into me.....
But I discovered a while new level of humiliation when I heard him say....
"Let me do it.....I'd love to plug your sissy husband...."
Oh I wanted to sink into the floor as I spread my cheeks for him....
Oh I closed my eyes and still felt the tears rolling down my face as he pushed it into me.....
Oh I wish I could cum right now.....

The Gym

We used to go to the gym the only workout he gets is in my mouth and in my wife/s tight pussy!!!! At least I get to taste it after.....after all those times in the dream comes true!!!!