Friday, November 22, 2019

A Picture

"I told my friends you were in a chastity cage and some of them didn't believe I told them I'd send them a picture....but I didn't tell them that you were a I guess this pic will show them why I keep you in chastity.....and what a cute little sissy you are!!!!"

Thursday, November 21, 2019


"Don't think....just suck!!!!"

Before Long

Remember that time in your friend Bobby's house?
No one was home and he asked if you wanted to look around in his sister's room!!!
His sister was older and so beautiful.....all the boys dreamed of her....
And there you were.....the drawer was open and her panties were right there.....Marie's panties!!!!
And then before long you were both wearing her things.....and lying together in her bed....and you didn't know what to do.....
You held each other's hands and Bobby kissed you!!!!
A full on kiss....tongue and everything.....and you wanted him to take you like a wanted to melt in his arms.....but the phone rang and he ran to answer it.....then the shame hit you and you changed back to your own clothes.....when Bobby came back he looked so disappointed.....and you told him you had to go....
You kept your distance from Bobby after that....and now you look back over the years and wish that you'd stayed.....wish that you'd shared that fantasy with Bobby.....instead it was just another regretted lost opportunity.....
If you could do it different life might have been!!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hump Day

Sometimes on Hump Day everything is still up in the air....

Can I?

"That was so nice.....thank you Sir!!!!"
"You're welcome's the least I could do for you after fucking your wife!!!!"
I'm glad yo enjoyed her.....may I blog about this....would you mind?"
"Sure Sissy....just make sure you tell them that I have the biggest dick you've ever seen..."
"Of course Sir...."

"So her lover fucked me last night and it was so nice.....I love it when they're not too big.....let me tell you how it was...."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


"I never thought I'd get the chance to do this......until your wife told me that you're not allowed to get're not allowed to touch a woman without her permission!!!"
"Yes....that's true...."
"So I've always wanted a man to watch me when I make myself cum......the boys I've dated don't have the patience.....but really don't have any choice do you?"
"No Ma' choice at all...."
"So just kneel there and can smell my panties if you want....they're really wet....."
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"You're welcome be quiet.....I need to concentrate...."

Baby Brother

"I've had him in panties since.....oh for almost as long as I can remember.....and I think he likes you Sissy....he'll be staying with us for a while.....why don't you suck on his little clitty for a bit.....I love seeing my husband and my brother get along so well!!!"
"But.....your brother?"
"Don't be so surprised Sissy....surely you didn't think that you were the first man I put into frillies!!!!"