Wednesday, June 28, 2017

With This!!!!!

"With this!!! You were going to satisfy us with this tiny sausage.....oh my god......someone go get a pair of my panties for him to wear.....I hope to god for your bum's sake that your tongue is a hell of a lot better than this....get a pair of my panties and my hairbrush too!!!!"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


He smiles at you and you know he's about to thrust it into your can't wait to see how much of him you can take......your wife watches closely as her lover uses you to prepare himself for her....
The anticipation has your entire body on edge and then......


Yes they were taking a shower but it was me that was doing the real clean up!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2017


"I won't have it Sissy.....if we're going out tonight you're going to put on panties!!!!"
"But it feels so wonderful like this!!!"
"Sooner or later you're going to expose yourself Sissy.....I want to have fun tonight...I want guys to dance with us.....I want some hard cocks around us....and last time your balls scared them all away!!!! Go put on panties now!!!!"
"Maybe if I'm careful I'd....."
"I'll tell you what Sissy.....I'll give you mine to wear....they're a little wet but I'm sure you won't mind that...."
"Yours....your wet panties.....for me to wear......out to the club?"
"That's right Sissy....I'll leave my pussy bare for all the horny guys to see.....I may even fuck a couple of them....and without panties I'll need a cleanup after each that OK with you Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

You need it and he has it but he gives it to her....where does that leave you?
She can't keep it and he doesn't want it so it's all yours!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Still warm and with extra flavor...just the best!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


"As a boyfriend I'd"
"But he's so sweet and attentive.....he's nothing like the other men I've dated!!!!"
"I see....let's get him into panties and give him a tryout as a ladies maid...."
"Would he do that?"
"Well Sweetie....he's standing right here and I haven't heard a single objection yet!!!!"

Despite Appearences

Despite appearances there is only one real manly cock here....and it's balls deep in Sissy's pussy right now!!!!