Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday ManCandy

Such a creature of habit....even on a holiday morning.....even when the alarm clock stays quiet....even though she can sleep for extra hours.....she still craves her favorite breakfast treat!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's just worth waking up for!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Princess

Sissy Princess Marcie-Sophia Renee
Had found she could get away
She could pick all the locks
But they fed her big cocks
And so she decided to stay!!!!

Hiker Assaulted In The Woods

"A hiker was captured, stripped, humiliated and assaulted in the woods north of the city today....after his assailants were done with him they dressed him as a slut and made him walk three miles back to his car in five inch stilletos!!!! Over to you Donna!"
"Thanks Bill, as we follow this shocking story we  have a news bulletin....apparently the area has been overrun with men hiking in scanty apparel....police are asking area men to please take this seriously and show some restraint....."
"Thanks Donna....perhaps some of the details the police have released will deter the crowds.....according to the police the young man was grabbed by two strong women....made to sexually service one...."
"Does that mean intercourse Bill?"
"No Donna....he was made to orally service one while the other.....used a sex toy to assault him...."
"Ohhh so he was licking one while the other did the deed Bill?"
"Yes Donna, I guess you could put it that way.....ahem....apparently they both assaulted him at the same time...."
"Soooo he was spit roasted Bill.....rammed at both ends by two women...that's what you're saying Bill?"
"Yes Donna.....he was...."
"And what was he wearing when he was found Bill?"
"The police say he was fully clothed...."
"He was in....feminine attire?"
"Yes Donna, it's unclear where the clothing came from but police speculate that the assailants brought it with them....."
"Okay Bill.....I'll be going out later to do a remote and I hope you can all join me as I work to the bottom....of this case!!!! Of course Bill I'm sure you'll be right aid us in capturing these desperate women. isn't that right!"
"Of course Donna....tune in at 11 for our deep investigation into this new crime!!!"
"Yes tune in at 11.....remember to wear loose clothes Bill!"
"That's all the news for now, we'll see you later....right Bill?"
"Ummmm yeah....see you later...."

Saturday, February 17, 2018


She slowly and sensuously slipped her hand down her body as she looked at me....
"It's time Baby.....I need your cock....give it to me hard Baby!!!!"
I stood up and walked across the room, my nylons swishing with each step, and I leaned over the bed where she was waiting....sliding her hand over her soaking wet panties....
"Now Sweetheart? " I whispered...
"Yes now Sissy!!!" she whispered back!
I kissed her and nodded to her lover who was waiting, I could still taste his cock in my mouth as I pulled the door shut behind me....


"Shhhh Sissy.....just relax.....the head is inside you.....only 9 more inches to go!!!!"

Friday, February 16, 2018


Some days she didn't want to talk when she got home.....sometimes she needed to unwind...

Do You Regret It

"Do you ever regret it Sissy?"
"Regret what Sweetheart?"
"Do you ever regret giving up being a man, giving up your orgasms, becoming my special  little  girl?"
"No Sweetheart, I am grateful every day that I can be your girl!!!! It is beyond my wildest dreams that this could ever happen to me!!!"
"Oh Sissy.....that's lovely.....make me cum Sissy....make me cum like only you can!!!"
"It will be my pleasure Sweetheart!!!"