Monday, October 19, 2015


Her text didn't say much....
"I'll be late don't wait up!"
What did that mean? How late? What was she doing?
My phone jingled as another text words but the picture explained it all!!!!


  1. Been on that end many many times early in our relationship while the wife was out with friends. Text started out with "don't wait up" to "I am ok just out with girlfriends." Later in the night texts, with pictures, from her friends "taking care of Judi don't worry she is in good hands." When she got home I heard all about her night and how she wound up at a private party, while she asked that I lick her. Mishel

  2. Picture the sissy husband sitting at home, unable to stop gaping at this telling image, spending several hours thinking about what followed once they left the dancefloor.