Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Your Touch

"Oh my god Sissy, I love the way you touch me!!! No one else can make me cum like you do!!!! I feel your little caged clitty rubbing on my ass and that just excites me more!!!!"
"I love doing this for excites me too!!!"
"Would you like me to get the key right now Sissy? Would you like me to unlock you and maybe you could last long enough to cum inside my hot, wet pussy??? Is that what you want right now Sissy?"
Oh my god is that what I want right now!!!! I want it so badly I could scream!!! But a caged cuckold has to be careful with questions like these!!! It's like walking in a minefield!!! One wrong step and you're locked up for another week!!!!
"No Baby! All I want is for you to cum right now! I live to give you pleasure!!!"
"Oh god Sissy I'm cumming!!!!"
As I continued stroking around her far to sensitive clit she slumped back against me!!!
"I love you Sissy, but you'll be in that cage for another month now for lying to me!"
Stepped on a mine this time I guess!!!!

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