Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Perfect Sissy

"Very nice Sissy, Mark loves to see you in pink! We'll be home around Eleven so make sure you're there to meet us!!"
"Yes Ma'am! I'll be waiting!"
"Thank you Sissy! You really are my special girl!!!!"
"And you're mine! Thank you Sweetheart! Have fun on your date!"
"I will Sissy...I will...and maybe tomorrow we'll talk about how you just earned an orgasm!!!!!"


  1. How nice to have the sissy all prettied up and snugly locked while wife has fun with a real man. And when they get home... oh my.

  2. Its always fun when my mistress wants to talk about how I earned an orgasm. I know that I pleased my mistress and she is proud of me. Usually my awarded orgasm will take a few days while she calls to tell her sister that she can bring over the key. So I must stay in her good graces until the key arrives or else my award could be withdrawn.