Friday, September 4, 2015

Back To School

"I don't care!!!! I won't do it!!!"
"Oh yes you will! I spent a lot of money on your school wardrobe and that's what you'll be wearing whether you like it or not!!!"
"Well I don't like it and I won't do it!!!"
"You have ten seconds to change your attitude young man or I'll have you over my knee and I'll change it for you!!!!"
"But I want to wear the green dress!!! It looks so good on me!"
"You'll wear your trousers and you'll be a good boy, maybe next year....."
"Cab I wear my panties instead of these horrible underpants?"
His mother let out a sigh!!!!
"You can wear them when you get home and the dress too! If you're good I have a special nightie for you to sleep in!"
"Really? Maybe you'll show me how to do makeup too?
"One step at a time honey!"

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