Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sissy Training - Watch and Learn

Watch closely Sissy! Your wife is showing you how to properly suck a big black cock!!!!
In a couple of weeks this will be your job so pay close attention!!!
Watch the woman you love wrap her lips around that thick cock!
Listen to her moans as she sucks him!!!
She loves to suck cocks Sissy!!!
It's too bad that all you can offer is that puny little caged clit!!!!
Men dream of having a woman who loves sucking a big cock and you married one!!!
Too bad that you just don't measure up!!!!!
So forget yours and concentrate on his!!! Watch and learn Sissy! She wants you to be a cocksucker and you know you will give her anything she wants!!!!


  1. The pink collar is a nice touch, and I love the intense focus of his gaze. Sissy wants a taste!