Sunday, June 8, 2014

Triple Crown

I know you're disappointed that you didn't win the Triple Crown Sissy, but beating all the other Sissies in the first two races is still quite an accomplishment!
The same thing happened to the thoroughbred California Chrome at Belmont but he'll make a fortune being put out to stud....I guess we can't say the same for you though.....
So the question on all the mens minds right now Sissy is...Will you return to compete again?


  1. If this is what is available, i would most certainly return, and even bat clean up. Mistress Barbara would lead me from the paddick.

  2. Sorry to be dense Kaaren but what is the triple crown?

    1. The top goal in horse racing in the USA, only a few horses have won all three races in many many years!

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    3. Ohh. Gotcha.
      Im no equine expert but a horse called Makybe Diva won the premier race in Australia, the Melbourne Cup, three years running. She was a mare who covered herself in glory too.