Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is It Too Much?

"Do you like it?"
"Oh god yes!!!"
"And you'd like me to do this again?"
"Oh please...oh yes!"
"And maybe sometimes...if you've been very good...I'll take you in my mouth...would you like that?"
"Yes please...yes!!!"
"I know you've been wearing my underwear! My pretty bras and panties! Did you like it?"
"No I...l.oh no please don't stop!!!"
"If you lie to me I'm going to stop so did you like wearing my panties?"
"Yes...I'm sorry but I loved it!"
"You can wear them anytime you want and I can do this for you if you'll dress up pretty and suck my boyfriends cock while I watch!!!!"
"I...I don't mean it...anytime I want,,,,you'll do this for me...."
"Anytime you want! You dress up all femmy and suck him off and I'll make you cum every day!!!"
"Okay, I'll do it! I'm going to cum!!!!!"
"I didn't tell you that you'll have to lick that all that OK?"
"Yes...oh yes anything....oh yes....thank you Sis!!!!"
"Quiet Sissyboy, you don't want to wake Mom and Dad!!!"


  1. How wonderful to have such a sexy sister!!

  2. Yes she is but how lucky to have a sister to serve like that he is a lucky bother I would love for her to be my sister!!!
    No its not to much love this thank you