Sunday, September 6, 2015


"Really Baby, it's just one cock! Suck that one cock for me! Don't you want me? Don't you want to make me happy? Is it so much to ask? Really I've sucked dozens of cocks and I've enjoyed every one!!! Is it so much for you to get down on your knees one time?"
"Okay....if this is what you really want!!!"
"Oh yes, but did I mention I want you wearing my panties when you do it...but I'm sure that's not a problem since you've been doing that whenever I'm not home already!!!"


  1. As a sissy cuckold my wife told me that I would suck a cock while she watched. She was quite happy with how I performed after training me on her strapon. And yes, I was wearing my panty and continue to do so ten years after. Mishel

  2. I sucked 100's over the years while wearing panties..