Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Another Day

"I'm gonna fuck you like the little bitch you are....beg me....beg me to fuck your sissy pussy!"
"Please Mistress...please make me your little fucktoy!!! Push that big cock in my sissy pussy! Split me wide open!!!!"
"Are you ready to cum sissy? Are you going to cum with my big dick inside you?"
"Oh yes!!! oh yes!!! OH YES!!!!!"
"Oh you nasty sissy! Look at that mess! You lick up every last drop!!!"
"Yes Mistress!"
"It's 2:40 your next appointment is at 3:00....will that be all Mr. Weiss?"
"Yes thank you Melinda! Please have those sales figures on my desk for me to go over with the client,"
"I will Mr. Weiss, you just make sure your desk is nice and clean!"
"Oh....heh...of course thank you Melinda!"
"Thank you Mr. Weiss!"


  1. Ok, not sure what his job is, but where do I apply? :)

    1. Sorry but you'll have yo get in line with several thousand other applicants! Please make sure you pre-apply your lube if it's needed to speed the application process!!!