Saturday, September 5, 2015

Corner Time

She told me to stop was making him a little uncomfortable....although he seemed pretty comfortable while I was sucking his cock a few minutes ago!!!
She told me to stand in the corner and keep my back turned while he fucked her!!!!
I know she knows something that he doesn't!!!!
I have a nice big mirror in this corner and it's letting me watch everything!!!
I'll be ready when they're finished!!!!


  1. In sure you're having a difficult time standing still knowing that shortly you'll have your face buried in your wife's crotch. You'll be licking up every drop of their combined juices.

    You probably can't wait until your face is completely coated in his sticky cum, and your tongue is buried deep into your wife trying to coax out every last drop.

  2. We're always ready for when they're finished right?


    sissy terri