Monday, September 21, 2015

New Panties

"Thank you Sweetheart I love them!"
"Don't thank me boyfriend got them specially for you!"
"Your boyfriend...."
"Yes Sissy. I think tonight might be the night....your night Sissy!"
"You think he's going to...."
"I think he's going to have two girls fucking him tonight....Oh Sissy I'm so excited for you...I can't wait to watch him take your cherry!!!!"
"I'm a know...a little nervous...."
"You need to get your mind off of his big cock! Get down on your knees and eat my pussy for a while...that should settle you down!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!!"


  1. I remember so well the first time I got it from one of my wife's lovers. He bent me over and my wife was in front of me talking to me as he inserted his big cock into me.

  2. I want to get sissified

  3. I have a pair of panties like that!