Friday, September 25, 2015

Her Lover Dropped By

I was doing my chores when her lover dropped by....
"I'm sorry she's not home right now!"
"I came to see you Sissy, I have something for you!"

"It's just something I've always wanted to do...."

"And I know how much you love having a cock in your mouth...."

That I figured you wouldn't mind if I fucked your mouth three or four times!!!"

After he was satisfied and removed the gag he asked if I was OK!!!
"Sure I'm okay, I love having a man burst into my home, force me to my knees, bind my hands and force his big fat cock into my gagged mouth, pumping my tummy full of his hot cum!!!"
"I'm sorry Sissy I'll...."
"No, no. I wasn't being sarcastic! I really did love it!!!! Can you come back tomorrow!"
He laughed....
"We'll see Sissy!"


  1. This would certainly leave the sissy feeling well used. Maybe next time he'll bring a buddy (or two) along to also enjoy the experience.

    1. And that would be fine with me!!!!!
      You're always full of such delightfully depraved ideas Throne!!!!
      I love it!!!