Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Not Just Wearing Dresses

"It's not just wearing dresses Sissy! If this is who you want to be then you have to embrace it all! Take that cock in your mouth and suck him!"


  1. Very naughty...but i love it. Lucky sissy.

    sissy pet

    1. She'll be addicted soon...then the bimbofication process will start whethwr she likes it or not

  2. You can lead some sissies to cock.. but you don't have to MAKE them suck.

  3. Look at the big smile on sissy's face...........she can't wait to get that cock in her mouth. She's toying with you! She wants you to think that if you don't push her down on that cock, she'd never do it.

    BUT, that smile says if you weren't in the room, she would have had that cock in her mouth a long time ago. Sissy loves sucking cock!