Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All The Way In

Pressing me against the wall as he pushed slowly...oh so slowly into me I felt like every inch took forever until I felt him pressed hard against me!!!!
He leaned close and whispered.
"I'm all the way inside you Sissy! I've got my cock inside you and your beautiful wife is watching me make you my bitch!!! I'm going to fuck you long and hard and shoot my cum inside you!!!! Do you think she'll ever think of you as a man after this!!!! You'll be a sissy bitch forever!!!! How does that make you feel Sissy?"
From across the room I heard my wife gasp as she fingered herself to another orgasm!!!!
"Yes Sissy!" she cried as waves of pleasure overcame her. "Yes Sissy, how does it feel to be his woman!!!"
Although I was quite breathless as he began to pump slowly in and out of me I managed to call out an answer for both of them!
"It feels wonderful!"
And then all thought fled from me as he began a deep rhythmic stroking that actually made me cum even with the cage!!!!

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