Monday, July 28, 2014

Thought It Would Be Easy

The sissies thought it would be easy! All they had to do was stroke their own clits for 2 minutes without cumming! Their wives would be timing them and if they succeeded  they would be allowed to have sex and if not they 'd be caged for another month!
They removed their panties and each started to stroke very slowly and they were doing alright until their wives ordered them to kiss!
As their lips and tongues touched they both realized they were going to lose this contest but it would be worth it!!!


  1. !!!
    I just "did myself" with a 1-3/4" diameter dildo (while watching that)....and shot a big, warm, load of cum into my mouth...YUMMY !!!
    Looking forward to doing it again before I go to bed tonight. =D

    1. I'd love to be there to help you with that Alana!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh God yes.....sooooo worth it!!!!!!

  3. Kaaren,

    I would LOVE to be the subbie tool, the wives could use to torment the sissies! Picture a subbie on his knees before these two sissies. Taking turns sucking each of them and trying to make them cum. They'd never make two minutes!