Sunday, August 30, 2015

Morning Coffee

Morning coffee is a little different in a sissy cuckolds house....
"Oh Sissy he was so nice, and he smelled so know that man scent...not those fruity colognes! Didn't you think he smelled so nice?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart! I hate it when they use all that drowns out everything else...."
"You're so right Sissy...I could tell you liked it while you were sucking his cock..."
"Yes I love a bit of a musky man scent..."
"And what a cock!!! Sissy when he got hard I thought it would break your jaw!!!"
"I was a little surprised! Usually when they're that big soft they don't grow that much!"
"I know Sissy I didn't think it would stop!!! And when you put him in me...I think I started to cum before he was even halfway in!!!!"
"Oh yeah Sweetie, I thought for a moment that he was hurting you, you were moaning so loud!!!"
"Next time he comes we'll see if I can get him to do you and we'll see who moans the loudest!!!"
"I'd love to try him out....would you like more coffee?"
"Yes thank you!"

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  1. Oh, my! i guess the conversations DO change! sara e