Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Didn't Know

"Jeez Jen, your brother's cock is smaller than my 7 year old brothers'! I'm so glad you showed me....he couldn't do anything for me with that little thing!"
Blushing, her brother covered his small endowment with his hands!
"Oh no Michael, Kara and I aren't done looking yet....hands up now!"
His hands were quickly up in the air and he was once again fully exposed to the giggling girls!!!
"Okay Jen, I get it that he's got no cock...but why is he shaved smooth like a baby?"
"I just got so tired of finding his pubes in my panties and pantyhose that I finally shaved him! I make him do it every other day! I like watching him and he seems to enjoy it!!!"
"He wears your...."
"Uh huh..."
"And you watch him shave his...."
"Uh Huh..."
"I have to spend more time around here!!!!"
"You know what...Mom and Dad won't be home for hours....let's shave him and dress him in something pretty....what do you say?"
"I say....I can't wait!!!!"

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