Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time Alone

She met Mark at a convention and the two had hit it off right from the start! They was an attraction between them that neither could deny and although he lived and worked over a thousand miles away they had kept in touch with e-mails and Skype and when he told her he'd be in town overnight while waiting for a connecting flight she was thrilled!
He offered to take her out to a wonderful restaurant and maybe to a club for some dancing after, but she told him she just wanted a quiet evening alone with him!
She got her wish, doesn't she always, and the two of them spent a quiet evening alone....with her Sissy Maid providing services of course!!! After all someone had to cook, serve, clean up and suck his cock before they retired to our....her bedroom for the night!!!


  1. Mark seems to be enjoying it too!


  2. Mmmm that gorgeoys maid looks ravenous for him

    1. 't don't think it's any secret how much I enjoy sucking on a nice hard cock!!!!I

    2. Hmmm love hearing about your appetites