Sunday, August 9, 2015

Good Morning Baby

"Mmmm, good morning baby! You're looking beautiful this morning!"
She slid easily into his arms. pressing against him as they kissed long and deep!
His hand slipped her dress up and he cupped her beautiful ass in his hand as their kiss went on and on!!!
I knelt where I was, seemingly forgotten, with the taste of his cock still fresh in my mouth as I watched Mark and my wife slowly become more and more passionate their breathing becoming noticeably harder!!
When they broke the kiss she was breathless and as he guided her back to the stairs he called out to me to make breakfast for two and bring it to the bedroom in half an hour! She giggled and whispered in his ear and he turned back from the stairs and called out, "Better make that an hour Sissy!".
He winked at me as he followed her up to her bedroom!!!!


  1. Lovely cuckolding snippet!



    1. I'm wondering where all this is going with Mark becoming more and more present in our life and I've been following your journey with Dianne and Paul with great interest too! Never a dull moment is there?