Sunday, August 2, 2015

Couldn't Believe

He had expected her to be so angry when she came home early and caught him wearing her bra and panties!!!! He couldn't believe how nice she had been about it!!!!
She told him that he could keep the bra and panty set he had on!!!
She told him she would go through her things and see if there was anything she didn't wear and she would make up a package for him!!!!
She sat and helped him put on nail polish for the first time as they spoke....sometimes in whispers!!!
She told him that she was having a boyfriend come to the house that night and that he could hide in the closet and watch them make love if that was something he wanted to do!!!!
Shocked as he was about her even having a boyfriend let alone having him come to their home and having sex with her....the idea of watching them made him so hot he was dripping in her.....his panties!!!!
After her boyfriend left....after all he had seen....after all that...she beckoned him to her bed!
"Now Sissyboy! Earn all that I've given you!!!! Lick me!!!! Eat my lover's sweet cream!!!! That will seal our deal and we can begin our new relationship!!!"
He dove in without hesitating and began licking her as she squirmed in pleasure!!!!
All the while he kept murmuring between licks....
"Thank you Sis...thank you Sis...thank you Sis...."
"Shh Sissyboy! Don't want to wake Mom and Dad!!!!"

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  1. It is a very fortunate sissy who gets the chance to eat cream pies, sadly I am not one of them