Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yes I'm Here

"Yes Sweetheart I'm here but no one's home, who am I supposed to meet here?"

"Yes I'm wearing the dress, obviously I have nothing to change into...honestly you're so suspicious!"

"Okay I'm sorry...that was disrespectful...I won't do it again...."

"No I don't see anyone...wait there's a car pulling in looks like,,,,OH MY GOD!!!! IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS?????"

"Yes I'm a huge did you manage this?"

"At the convention in Vegas...why didn't you tell me..."

"You mean he might be me!!!! I might be allowed to...."

"Anything he wants!!! He knows I'm in the cage right? You told him about me right???"

"Oh he's coming...and that smile...oh my god I'm already dripping...."

"Thank you Sweetheart...I don't know how I can ever repay you!"

She just laughed and hung up....

"You must be Kaaren, I've heard so much about you...", the voice almost made me swoon!!!

Sorry, the rest is private....

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